6 Ways to Get Perfume Samples for Free

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Perfumes make for a great gift only if you select them wisely. If you have read up on how to buy perfume for her or him, then you should know that getting samples of the perfume you are going to buy is an essential step. A sample will allow you to get an idea of how a fragrance smells not only initially but throughout the day. It is also handy if you plan to buy perfume as a gift from a reputed online store like Fragrance 365.

Though several of the perfume samples need to be bought, you should always save the bucks by learning 6 ways to get perfume samples for free. They are mentioned right here.

  1. Try Magazine Samples

This is the easiest way to get perfume samples for free. Many magazines pages are sprayed with the scent, and you just need to smell it to get an idea of how the actual perfume will smell like. Some magazines also have miniature vials of perfumes with a few drops of the scent to lure the buyers.

  1. Check Out the Department Stores

Many department stores like John Lewis and Debenhams offer free fragrance samples to the customers. Some stores even offer sample strips that you can use to test different perfumes at once. If you expect a store to have free samples and it doesn’t, you should ask for it. Many stores will be willing to provide you a sample even if there are no packaged samples for distribution.

  1. Write to the Company

If you are looking for free samples of specific brands that are not available anywhere at the moment, then you should consider writing to the manufacturer. In case you haven’t tried this method before then you should read up on how to get free perfume samples by writing to companies to up your chances. It will help increase your chances of success.

  1. Make Your Own Samples

If a local store doesn’t allow you to carry free small packaged bottles with you but let you try the perfume in the store then you can ask them to let you create your own samples. If you get the permission, you should carry empty perfume vials and cotton balls with you as it will allow you to capture a scent and try it multiple times.

  1. Sign up with Relevant Websites

There are many reliable websites that provide you with perfume samples if you just sign up on their website or subscribe to their newsletter. Before adopting this method, you should research the website carefully as most of the websites offering free perfumes in exchange for your information are fake.

  1. Tap Your Network

If an office colleague, your sibling or a friend of yours keep telling you how awesome the perfume you intend to buy is then you can request them to allow you to sample it. The probability is high that they might allow you a few free sprays and help you make a better decision.




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