7 Ways to Make Her Feel Special on Her Birthday

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Birthday is the day when we usher in the newness of everything with positivity and enthusiasm. So, what would you give to your special someone on her birthday? Let’s try and lay down a few ideas for birthday gifts for women, shall we?

Usually, valentine days and anniversaries call for elaborate planning and surprises. In such times, the main focus is on what one needs. But when it comes to birthdays, one may focus on desires and the personal wish-list of the special someone so that the feeling of being special is not lost.

Here are a few gift ideas for her, so that you can make her feel special this new year.

  1. Small budget gifts like sunglasses, trimmers, personalized coffee mugs, wrist watch, personal grooming kit and so on are somethings that are the ideal gifts for her.
  2. Personal touch can be brought about in celebrations by planning a dinner night or decorating the room and house with her favorite colored ribbons, balloons etc
  3. If you can cook, trust me, women love men who are good in their culinary skills. So, take over the kitchen and flatter her with enticing dishes.
  4. Premium gifts like vintage car clocks, portable speakers, leather bags, and so on.
  5. Gifts cards and gift vouchers – because, well! Women love shopping. So, facilitating her shopping program is definitely going to gain you some brownie points.
  6. Picture memories – As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words, and brings back memories of bygone times. To remain in her heart, you can personalize photo frames or wall hangings with pictures. These memories last a lifetime and always bring across a smile on her face, every time.
  7. Music accessories – Apart from the aforementioned gifting ideas, another brilliant idea would be gifting a personalized musical accessory or a musical instrument or even a musical partner for life. Portable music players are a boon for music lovers. And for sure, there are hardly any people who do not like music. The choice of music may differ, but definitely the love for music would not. Therefore, with this gift, there would never be a dull moment. Saregama Carvaan is one gifting idea that can accompany her for years and years and remind her of you, even in your absence. Loaded with 5000 songs from the golden collection of yesteryears, this portable music player has an in-built Bluetooth speaker, USB drive, and FM Radio too. It makes an ideal gift for music lovers. In addition, its features are outstanding. It is literally an all-in-one or a one stop shop for all music needs.
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