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Engagement announcement cards can be same as the wedding cards, but it can be a less expensive one and you need to elaborate so that your guests can have complete knowledge about the engagement. The date, time and the venue of the ceremony along with the name of the couple and their parents need to be mentioned on the card. The name of the person hosting the ceremony is also included on the card which makes it quite descriptive. Though, you can maintain the simplicity of the card by choosing a classy, yet a simple one. There is a wide range of elegant design cards available which comes up with the classic lettering and word in the simple yet impressive way.

Send cards to the guests

You can choose the card based on the theme, there are funky and fun cards that are designed by the couple themselves while focusing on the humorous quotes and printing cartoons on it. On the other hands, if you can send the engagement card, then it is the effective way through which you can ensure that you are also inviting them in the main event which is the wedding itself.

The second type of card is given by the invitees to the function or it is sent by those who are not being able to come on the ceremony, but wants to convey their good wishes to the couple. These cards are available in a variety of designs, sizes and shapes along with different kinds of embellishments.

Different types of engagement cards

Sentimental: If the couple is well known then there is the great way to send the charming and romantic card which can certainly convey the message that can give a better understanding on the emotions of the guests. These cards can be in pastel colors along with the elegant touch of gold and silver edge, landscapes or fine art prints are also being crafted on the card.

Funky cards: If the couple or the sender is young and very humorous, then there is the option of choosing funky cards as they can turn out to be very much appropriate for the occasion. But, it is essential to remember that you do not offend with the images and messages to the couple as this can spoil the whole mood and you can turn out to be the most unexpected guests of the event.

Personalized card: Customized design and the photograph cards or the handmade cards can certainly reflect the trouble that can make the couple feel special with the most outstanding design and style. These can turn out to be the most memorable item if it is done properly.

There is the opportunity to send the online invitation to guests for the engagement party. This way, you can avoid spending time and money on printing. There are numerous websites now available that gives you the chance to look at the design of the online cards for free and select the one. You can also personalize the cards and send them as many recipients as per your choice.

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