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Corporate Greeting Cards might not be at the top of your list for promotion and marketing, but few things can do as much as they can to build a relationship with your customers, clients, and even employees. Clients surely appreciate all you do for them, but greeting cards for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions make your company stand out among the rest. Chances are you know that already, but just as key to building those connections is timing.

Certainly no one likes getting upstaged by the competition, but take a look at it from your customers’ perspective: No one likes getting Christmas cards on December 26 either. Greeting cards may not be the biggest, or even the most important aspect of your marketing strategy, but keeping track of your customers’ special events—birthdays, anniversaries, and more—can go a long way toward building a relationship that will last years.

So don’t get caught unprepared at the last minute! Take some time to compile a list; keep track of your most important customers’ special days, and let your employees know how much you appreciate their hard work by reminding them how valuable they are every 365 days.

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