How to Kick Start Your Brand

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If you’re new to the advertising and marketing game, you’re not alone. More people each year start their own businesses and attempt to create awareness of and loyalty to their brand. What a lot of people don’t realise, however, is that creating brand awareness is a multi-channel approach. You can’t simply expect to transform your brand into something global overnight by using only one type of advertising avenue. Creating brand awareness requires a specific plan that implements several different platforms or mediums on which to promote your business.

It also requires creativity. Customers and end users are sick of blatant, boring product and brand advertisements that attempt to target them when they’re uninterested. In fact, targeting someone who will never buy your product is a waste of money. Instead, you need to be aware of who your target audience is and how you can get them to buy your product and stay loyal to your brand.

No Such Thing as Free Advertising

Advertising always costs something. Whether it’s time or actual money, you’re going to have to pay to get seen, at least at first. Organic marketing can come out of paid advertising, but it takes a while. This is where awareness can be used to your advantage. Once awareness goes viral, you have a big opportunity to turn awareness into loyalty.

But how do you get to that point? You will need to spend some money. Organic advertising relies largely on customer’s willingness to become loyal to your brand because they truly like it. These customers will naturally encourage their friends and family to participate in your brand loyalty.

Make Your Brand Contagious with T-shirts

Believe it or not, t-shirts can be a great way to implement this kind of strategy. All you really need to do is find someone that offers t-shirt printing services and hire them to make t-shirts with your brand displayed on them. You can encourage loyal customers to buy these t-shirts and wear them to support your business. People might ask your customers about your brand, which is when you’ll experience the organic, word-of-mouth marketing you’ve been seeking from your loyal customer base.

If you’d like to get started on this process, you’ll need to find a company that can print t-shirts for your brand and business in bulk. You can offer a few different design suggestions or even upload your own logo. Printers specialise in making sure the prints look accurate and reflect your business’s good image. This can be a one-time purchase or an ongoing relationship, and you can even test out different designs to see what customers prefer. You can choose to sell these shirts or simply give them away. Either way, you need to ensure people will wear them and spread your brand awareness for you so that your company can benefit through organic advertising.

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