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OC-3LCD99 3LCD is an excellent outdoor projector that is compact in design.  It is designed to be a portable outdoor 3LCD projector that can deliver premium data presentations. The flexible design of this great projector ensures it can be paired with multiple devices. It is the perfect definition of performance and user-oriented outdoor projector that is easy to use.

Key Features

There is a wide range of features that make up the OC-3LCD99 3LCD projector from Odyssey. Here are some of the key features you will love about this great movie projector.

It has tons of ports. It includes VGA, RCA, and HDMI ports which means it can be connected to all devices that have these ports. It includes type-A and type-B USB ports. This means that with this projector, you can stream and project live videos right from your PC as well as connect wireless adapters and USB drive. Likewise, it can be connected to onboard speakers.

It has a high native resolution of 1920 x 1080. The high resolution combined with the 4500 lumens image display quality guarantees the best picture quality presentation. It can present images in both white and color options.  Also, the projector has a long lamp lifespan of up to 20,000 hours which means before you will need to replace the build; it will have served you for more than two years.

The projector can present data in large screens ranging from 50 to 250 inches. Since it has the best data presentation capabilities, you have the surety that no matter how big the data is presented, the quality will not be affected. This a sure bet for officer operators and homeowners who want to enjoy the best data projection results with minimal hassle.

The Projector Performance

Odyssey VT-20 are an amazing projector that has the capability to display full-bodied and super clear images in dark and lit conditions. However, it gives the better color tone of the original video when used to project at night since there are no light issues. The best thing about this projector is that it does not show problems with the rainbow effect.

To get best results, you may need to project on a 50 and above inch screen from some feet away. What makes this projector quite a deal is because it gives a decent image quality and is compatible with multiple devices. The high-end design and tons of features in the projector enable it to be used for projecting both movies and presentations.


If you have been hunting for a high-quality 3LCD projector for your business or home, you should consider opting for the Odyssey OC-3LCD99 3LCD. This is a well-designed, compact, and performance-oriented projector that delivers to its promises. It includes the latest in the video and audio projection technology which makes it more effective and versatile. Quality comes at a price, and that is the reason it is not one of the cheapest projectors you will find in the market. It’s mostly suitable for those who want to get value for money without compromising on quality.

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