The new Honda Civic will arrive in 2017 with 1.0 VTEC engine and 1.5 to reduce consumption

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On the eve of the 44th Tokyo Motor Show, which opens its doors after tomorrow public, Honda announced the tenth generation of the Honda Civic, which hit Europe in early 2017. The compact will premiere two VTEC engine with which it will seek to reduce consumption sparing dynamic performance.

The new turbocharged gasoline engines with displacements will have 1.0 and 1.5, and are part of the Earth Dreams Technology range that takes two years to their previous blocks relieving and whose maximum development board corresponds to a Civic Honda Civic Type R , with about 310 hp on the track give much play.

Both engines incorporate Honda Civic 2017 feature a new turbocharged motor structure and employ newly developed systems. As good VTEC, they incorporate a variable valve timing that reduces friction and allows the engine to achieve high levels of power and environmental performance. In both cases, the engine uses direct injection and low inertia turbo to increase its responsiveness.

2017 Honda Civic future be served from the plant that the Japanese firm has in Swindon (UK), and attention, because Honda has confirmed that “five-door versions will be produced exclusively at Honda UK Manufacturing plant”, which leaves open a door to the imagination Will there be versions than five doors, that is, three-door For now, from the Tokyo Motor Show Honda will not confirm or deny when asked directly.?; only it explains that the current five-door version will be maintained.

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