Tips for Storing Clothes Long Term

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In most countries, citizens experience four seasons throughout the year. This means that your wardrobe must also consist of clothes to accommodate every season. Whilst you experience one season and make use of particular types of clothing, it’s easy for the rest of your clothes that aren’t in use, to get lost, soiled, and even mouldy if left to fester in the wardrobe.

The solution to this is to practice proper storage. Storing clothes properly requires preparation and organization. It’s always worth it to store clothes in a good place even inside your cheap bedside tables Australia, more so if you’re keeping them for a long time. The following are a few tips on how to store clothes you’re not likely to wear for maybe a season or two.

  1. Wash and Dry Them Properly

It’s very important to clean your clothes before storing them. This is mainly because stains set in overtime and become worse than they are currently. If you keep them dirty, therefore, by the time you’re retrieving them, they’d most probably be in a bad state that they’d be of no use. Moreover, dirty clothes are breeding places for insects and vermin.

What you should do, therefore, is to clean your clothes properly even when they look clean. Plus, storing clothes clean and dry improves their longevity.

  1. Repair any Damaged Items

It’s important to show some love to your clothes before you put them away in storage. Sew torn areas, sew a button that fell off. Whatever you need to do, just ensure the clothes are in great condition when storing them.

  1. Get The Right Boxes

What you don’t want is to come looking for your clothes months later, only to find then eaten by mice. Avoid storage boxes that attract pests. Use plastic boxes instead of wood, paper, or cardboard boxes. For the short term, you may consider a vacuum. Wood and cardboard contain chemicals that can easily transfer to clothes and damage them. For special clothes, whether it’s a wedding clothes or those funky baby body suits, you can opt for acid-free storage boxes.

  1. Choose a Suitable Storage Place

Where you store your clothes matter very much. And it determines the condition in which you’ll find the clothes when you retrieve them for use. When ready to store your clothes for a long period, ensure that the environment is cool, clean, dry and dark. This is ideally the best storage space. The best example of this king of storage space is a storage unit. However, you can also store them in your closet or cheap bedside tables Australia after carefully packing clothes in plastic boxes.

  1. Check On Them Periodically

Regularly check on your clothes. When you check them, unfold them and then fold them back to prevent creases from setting in and degrading the fabric. Checking on them from time to time will allow you to detect any damage before it becomes worse.

Storing clothes properly will not only help you prevent damage but will make accessing them also very easy. You will have your Winter or Autumn clothes safely waiting for you as you enjoy summer and vice versa. Just remember to follow the key steps and you won’t have any season full of disappointments.

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