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People usually associate trees with the great outdoors, but there are actually a variety of trees that you can bring inside with you to add some life to your home indoors. While they may not be very big, they can be just as vibrant and welcoming any room that you choose. With that being said, it is important to keep in mind that these are living things and will require some attention to keep them healthy and thriving. Here are a few trees that work well indoors.


The Madagascar Dragon Tree is a gorgeous tropical plant, like something that you might find on an island. They can be anywhere from 4 to 8 feet tall, and while it takes them many years to mature at their maximum height you can buy them in the store already at around 5 feet. One of the benefits of this tree is that it does not require regular watering like many other kinds of trees or flowers. It also does well in low lighting conditions, which means that they shouldn’t be quick to die. If they do in fact start to go limp, they are easily perked up to their original health status with a bit of additional care.


The Fiddle Leaf Fig is a tree that can grow slightly larger, up to about 10 feet tall. It is derived from a range of ficus trees that are compatible with living indoors, however they do need a fair amount of light to stay healthy. This tree might be more appropriate for a patio or porch. However, if you keep it in a room of the house be aware that they can drop leaves in certain conditions. As long as it gets the water and light it needs, it should be a relatively low maintenance plant to have inside your home.


A Rubber Plant is not actually made out of rubber. This little tree is made up of a tall stem with large oval shaped leaves and can reach a height of about 10 feet tall in its most mature state. They do well in dimly lit areas and do not need to be watered much. Sudden changes in temperature or too much water are some of the easiest ways to harm this tree. Despite it’s requi, it does originate from Southeast Asia and would definitely add some personality to whatever room it’s placed in.


One of the best indoor trees on the market is the Kentia Palm, which is originally from Australia. Most often you will see these trees selling at a height of 5 feet or so, but they can get all the way up to 10 feet. They are a slightly greener version of your typical palm tree and they are one of the easiest out there to care for and are least likely to die. The Kentia Palm is a fun way to make any particular room look a little exotic and wild.


Weeping Fig trees have always been one of the most popular indoor trees on the market. In fact, they actually spend the majority of their lives as a house plant but can grow anywhere from 3 to 10 feet once fully matured. If you choose to keep it small, all you have to do is prune it and keep it in a smaller pot and vice versa to let it grow. They also function extremely well in low-lighted areas, which makes it easy to tend.

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