Why Do Women Always Desire Diamond Earring?

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There can be no denial of the fact that women always desire diamond earrings. If someone asks you, “Why” then some reasons can be attributed to it.

Firstly, women have a sharp aesthetic sense, and diamond has the elegance, beauty, and simplicity to fulfill this need.

Secondly, the ‘rarity’ of diamond gives a feeling of exclusiveness.

Thirdly, ‘vanity’ is also a reason. Ears being the most prominent part of the face, the earrings worn by her become the cynosure of all eyes. However, there are many more reasons.

  • Unceasing Style

The diamond earring is a potent symbol of love, affection, concern, commitment, dedication, loyalty, and fidelity. It is a promise of marriage. It has long durability and sparkles even after long use. If a woman wears the diamond earrings of her great-grandmother, it still has the same elegance and style.

  • Status Symbol

Because of its high price, the wealthy and rich people only can afford for it. It thus gives a status symbol in the society, which every woman longs for. The self-satisfaction of possessing it satisfies the ego need of a woman.

  • Matching the Dress and Occasion

Some women wear it to look at complete style if they are having a very simple make-up. Some wear it on special occasions such as a wedding, anniversary or a high profile party. Women want to outsmart others about their style and look. Diamond stud earrings match any face shapes and are set lower and are seen in the face-up view. They ‘pop’ with sparkle.

  • Dual Features

Diamond earrings in Houston are small but shiny, simple but elaborate, and common but classy. They can be worn every day or at a formal dinner party. They are full of luster and shine and are versatile or classic. Women can use them as a backdrop for everything. They gave a polished, perfect and finished look. They are the best gift to be given and to be received.

  • Post-Marriage Gift

The diamond engagement ring is gifted to the prospective bride as a token of promise for marriage. It is the most precious possession of a woman. If a pair of diamond earrings is gifted to a wife, it marks the continued love and concern. Women always desire to have a monopoly over the love and concern of their husbands and the diamond earrings fulfill that desire.

  1. Adds Sparkle to Life

Too often women feel like having something extra to cheer them up and have the spark again. Wearing their favorite dress and having a little make-up, they can finish it up by wearing a pair of diamond earring. The word ‘diamond’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Adams,’ which means invincible. Wearing a diamond earring gives that psychological feeling of invincibility. It is, therefore, said that diamond is the best friend of women.

A pair of diamond earrings makes a woman feel special, unique, romantic and valuable. She feels proud of telling her friends, how much her husband loves and cares her.

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