Why nose pins are the demand of the hour?

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Body piercing has been there for ages. In fact, earrings can be dated back to 2500 BCE. In many cultures it is a tradition, be it to show the marital status of a woman or a man’s social or being the chief of their tribe. Some have body piercings to adhere to their culture while some simply does so in an act of rebellion. But, the overall effect is the same; it is to beautify the body. There are tribes in South East Asia where they use collar necklace to extend their neck because they believe that long slender necks are symbol of beauty. Aztec and Mayan culture had tongue piercing as a rite of passage where nobilities pierces their tongue and offered that blood to their gods.

No matter what your reason is, if you have a piercing or have considered getting on, the most notable places are the ears and the nose. The nose being right at the center of your face gets more attention and highlighting or concealing the nose and it’s certain characteristics are done with nose piercings. The nose pin serves two purposes, first is to beautify your nose and the second is to have a jewelry on you without worrying if it is going with your outfit because even a simple nose stud goes with just about any kind of clothing!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider nose rings:

  1. They are more visible without you having to sweat a lot. While a simple ear hoops are almost always negligible due to the hair or the shape of the ear, nose rings are on your face, literally.
  2. Though the type of nose and the curve of the nostril generally determine the kind of nose pin you should get, nose pin gold in the circular shape suits almost all nose types.
  3. Some people do not want a piercing yet they want to don earrings and nose pins. Unlike the clips of earrings which hurt, fake push nose pins are painless and the risk of it detaching itself from your being is less likely.
  4. Many culture believes that nostril piercing have added health benefits for the woman as they relieve the menstrual pain. It is generally the left nostril.
  5. Astrologically speaking, nostrils are preferred form of adorning a particular gemstone as it gets maximum sunlight and is always in touch with your skin which is essential for the stone to work its wonders especially a diamond nose pin
  6. Nose pins, like spectacles, adds symmetry to the face.

They say old is gold and nose piercings have been here for centuries, and it a practice which has not been abolished, instead its popularity have multiplied many folds. It is safe to say that getting your nose pierced is worth the very little pain it implicates with results that will alter your personality because it is nice to have a wild side.

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