A Brief History Of Couponing And Some Amazing Facts About Coupons

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The use of discount coupons has become a very normal part of life in today’s world of shopping and consumerism. Many of us don’t question its history because it allows us to start saving money without drastically altering our shopping experience. When did coupons start and how did online BuyVia buy it cheaper become a part of a buyer’s daily routine?

Here’s a quick look back on the history of coupons, online coupon websites like Buyvia, and other facts about this money-saving trick that you might find interesting:

When Did It All Start?

The first coupon came about during an episode of insanity, back then called a “brainstorm”, from Asa Candler, an Atlanta businessman and the owner of Coca-Cola in 1887. He offered that first ever coupons were handwritten by Candler himself and it offered a free glass of the cola and this lasted between 1894 up to 1913. This offer catapulted the popularity of Coca-Cola and by 1895, the beverage was served in every state in the US.

The Increase In Coupon Popularity

Before websites like Buyvia buy it cheaper coupons were found on cereal boxes to help sell their product. It was during the Great Depression where the use of discount coupons took off because people were looking for more ways to start saving without affecting their quality of life. Coupons were commonly offered to cut back on grocery bills as the economy was struggling.

It was during the 1940’s where coupons became a marketing tactic as chain supermarkets were popping up in more areas. The discounts were a strategy used by the supermarkets to get more customers shopping in their stores rather than neighbourhood corner store.

Present Day Coupon Use And Other Facts

Today coupons are now seen just about everywhere. They can be clipped from the newspaper, they are given by grocery stores, and they can even be found online and on mobile apps like Buyvia. There are so many discounts consumers can use that many go unnoticed and ignored. To help people get interested in the value of coupons once more, here are some facts that might surprise you:

Fact: Coupon is actually a French word

Coupon stems from the old French word “couper” or “colpon” which literally means to cut. The English word becomes official in 1822 and was defined as: a certificate that is detachable or can otherwise be exchanged for various benefits.

Fact: Celebrities use coupons too

Everyone loves a good discount, even our favorite celebrities like Lady Gaga and Kristen Bell use coupons to get discounts. Don’t ever be ashamed to use your coupons the next time you’re buying groceries. If the celebrities do it, clearly there is no shame in saving money when you can!

Fact: Mobile coupons are taking over

It is estimated that by 2019, over 1 billion coupon users will get their discounts via a mobile app. So it’s time you start mobile couponing yourself.

You can save so much money when you start using coupons, so don’t delay it. Getting a bargain is always a great way to boost the spirit!

BuyVia knows coupons and discounts like the back of our hands. Visit our website and with just a few clicks, you can start saving today!

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