Some of the Interesting Facts That You May Not Have Heard About Pearls

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People all over the world have considered pearls to be the most valued treasure for many years and its timeless beauty continued to charm people ever since it was first discovered. Despite having so much popularity, still there are few facts about pearls that many people are not aware about.

  1. Pearl is the only gemstone that comes from a living creature

A beautiful pearl necklace urban that your wife is wearing has come from a living creature while all other gemstones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds etc. are formed in the earth’s crust.

2. Natural pearls are considered to be world’s rarest jewels

As per statistics, out of 10,000 oysters, only one may contain pearl. Despite the invention of cultured pearls, all the population of oysters containing pearls hasn’t increased.

3. Almost 99% of Pearls available are cultured

Most of the natural pearls have been harvested already and hardly any molluscs produce pearls nowadays.

4. Most expensive pearl of the world is valued at the price of $100 Million

The most expensive pearl which was used for 10 years as lucky charm was unearthed in 2016, when one house was burned down and it was found under the bed.

5. A law was created by Julius Caesar where only aristocrats were allowed to wear pearls

During ancient Roman times, people considered pearl as symbol of wealth. If you possess any pearl then it means you are a wealthy person. That is why during 1BC, Julius Caesar the well-known Roman ruler created a law and prohibited who is not ruling class, not to wear such fine jewels.

6. Cleopatra used to bet for pearls

As per famous legend, once Cleopatra was interested to convince Mark Anthony that only she could host a dinner party that will be the most expensive party in history. Cleopatra had two of the largest pearls of the world at that time, which she wore as earrings. Then she ordered her servants to get her potent vinegar in which she dropped one of her pearls to dissolve it. She drank the cocktail, which was the most expensive cocktail of the world and she won the bet.

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