How Vape Batteries Are Made and How to Use Them Safely

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Lithium ion batteries are perhaps some of the most important things we use in our day to day lives. Powering everything from our cell phones to our remote controls, we depend on them to get through the day, especially as vapers. Lithium ion vape batteries come in all sizes and amperage limits, but essentially it all boils down to one thing: they power one of our most precious devices, and how well they power our vape mods depends on one thing–how well the vape battery is made.

Many factors go into determining if an e cigarette battery is considered high quality, including the facility in which they are produced. If the cleanliness of the factory is not up to par and a speck of dust gets inside of them, for instance, it could mean dangerous results for the user. For this reason, it is important that you only buy authentic batteries that are from well-known manufacturers who can guarantee their quality. The best vape pens (see: battery is the one you know is made well.

How Are Batteries Made

Everything centers around the piece of metal that gives the battery part of its name: lithium. It begins by being dissolved in salt water some 200 meters under the ground. Extracting the lithium from the salt water pools means pumping the water from the ground and allowing the desert sun to evaporate most of the water. After almost 2 years of sitting in the evaporation pools, the remaining water is sent to a plant for the processing and extraction of the lithium. Once that has been completed, the lithium is combined with soda crystals that form lithium carbonate. The lithium is then dried out even more until what is left is a white, powdery substance.

Lithium, when connected to a power source, grabs hold of that energy and doesn’t let go, becoming positively charged. To release all that energy, it needs to be connected to something negative–a very common process you are surely aware of after using ecig batteries.

In order to achieve the desired effect, lithium is rolled into extremely tiny sheets and then wound up together with copper that is negatively charged to create a powerful yet exceptionally large power cell. Once the battery has been made, the ions in it go from the negative electrode to the positive electrode so that when your ecig battery is charging, the positive and negative poles will reverse directions and the ions instead go from the cathode to the anode.

Then, manufacturers like Sony, LG and Samsung, make the batteries into A, B, or C batteries. Batteries are then wrapped and sold to distributors, and it is there that you will finally find them at your local vape shop (See here: VaporPlants).

Battery Safety

Since an e cigarette battery is a fickle thing, it is important that you know how to care for them by properly storing and carrying them.

The first thing to keep in mind is that vaporizer batteries are meant to perform well, so if something goes wrong, it is usually a user error. This means it is up to you to prevent something going horribly wrong with your vape mod batteries. Follow the tips outlined in this article to help keep yourself safe.

Put your batteries into your e cig properly. Seems like a simple task, but doing it incorrectly can have dire consequences. This is especially true for unregulated mods, or mechanical mods, that do not have reverse polarity protection. This causes battery venting, which is what causes vaping batteries to explode. Avoid this by paying close attention to the way you insert your batteries. There are often ways to tell which end is which, so be sure to insert them properly. It can save you a lot of money and prevent a dangerous situation.

Don’t use a cheap charger. Always use something designed to handle the power your battery can produce. Otherwise, you can overcharge your battery and cause it to bust open, and you could potentially create an electrical fire by using the incorrect charger. Therefore, use the charger that comes with your device. Cheap chargers don’t cost very much for a reason, so steer clear of those. Nitecore or Efest chargers have a good reputation, so start there.

Don’t overdrain your vape batteries. Overdraining your batteries can have implications similar to overcharging them. This happens more frequently on mech mods, so it is important to pay attention to your batteries, and the more often you overdrain a battery, the weaker it becomes over time. Avoid this by using a charger with an LED display that lets you know how close you are to fully discharging your battery. During use, pay attention to when there is a serious drop in power and opt for new batteries to avoid this issue manually.

Don’t build a low resistance coil that your vape batteries amperage can’t handle. If you must build an exceptionally low Ohm resistance, use a battery or two that can handle it. Better to use two if you build low, as there is less of a risk of going over your amperage limit. Try a regulated mod for a while to gauge exactly what sort of power is needed.

Do not carry them freely in your pocket or bag without a case. The problem isn’t exactly in the fact that you are putting them away without a case, left to hang freely in your purse or pocket. The problem is the other metals, like change and keys that are in your purse or pocket as well. Just because they are not currently in your e cigarette does not mean they aren’t charged; touching them to another piece of metal will complete the circuit the same way they do in your electronic cigarette. To prevent problems, you need a battery case.

Battery Cases

An easy way to solve the last issue is to simply carry a battery case. As a vaper, you probably carry around backup batteries in case yours die, and you probably carry more than one set. Not only does this allow you to keep better track of your batteries, but it provides safety as well.

Completing a circuit accidentally with a coin in your pocket or your car keys can be avoided by placing a small piece of plastic in between your battery and the metal. Another thing to consider is that if you carry them around unprotected, there is a higher chance of them getting tears or nicks in the wrap, which makes your batteries more susceptible to misfiring and other damage.

Battery cases are manufactured in all different shapes, colors, and textures, such as plastic and silicone. You can get them in hard or soft styles, depending on your preference, and in most colors. You can even get a singular case for one battery! A battery case is affordable and plentiful, and it is your responsibility to make sure you are treating your batteries safely.

Battery safety means understanding everything you can about your vape batteries, and hopefully this article moves you along one step further in your knowledge. Be safe, and happy vaping!


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