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These days it is customary for the bride and groom to include a gift list reference number on their invitation so that you can go online, pick out a gift from their list of specifically identified items and then it will be sent to their home at a later date. However, not only does this make the gift giving process a lot colder and less personal to the couple themselves, it also means that they don’t get to show off all their amazing gifts at the actual wedding by lining them up on a display table.

Perhaps a better way to commemorate the couple whose wedding you are attending is by going off list and adding a personal touch to your gift so that it will be appreciated all the more. There are sure to be lots of other people who stick to the wedding list so don’t be afraid of going against the wishes of the bride and groom as they are sure to thank you later. So what makes a great wedding gift?

Photo Albums –

Photos are how we store our memories so that the best times in our lives are never forgotten and what better way to help the happy couple remember their big day than to give them the gift of everlasting memories? Most couples will already have a fair few pictures of themselves together so why not create a photographic guest book for them to enjoy.

If you can get your hands on their guest list then great but if not ask as many of their close friends and family as possible to send you a picture of themselves so you can compile the book. It’s great idea to leave a few empty pages for them to add some pictures of their big day and the honeymoon to complete the book in the perfect way.

Gift Baskets –

Gift baskets are great for any occasion but especially weddings as they allow you to include things for both the bride and the groom and they look great displayed on the cards and gifts table. You can also add a theme to the gift basket if you like to focus on one of the aspects of their new life together. For example if they have just moved into a new home together then you could focus your basket around this and include things like cutlery, food items and interesting nick-nacks for the home.

Alternatively you could create a honeymoon focussed basket which includes travel guides, books for reading on the plane and even some money in the currency they will need. There really are no rules when it comes to what you add to your gift basket and it’s this room for creative licence that makes it a great gift idea.

The Gift Of The Written Word –

If you fancy yourself as the next Shakespeare or a modern day Byron then why not give the happy couple the gift of some creative writing. Similar to the photo album idea this allows you to offer a gift that will never break, will never be used up and that can be kept forever. It will also mean a lot to them because it is created for them personally and will be the only piece of writing like that in existence.

A great idea is to craft a poem especially for them that can then be framed or presented to them in another way which allows for it to be displayed if they like. You could then make it your life goal to become a famous writer so that their wedding present gains even more value.

What do you think makes a great wedding gift? Have you given something in the past that has gone down great with the bride and groom? Add your ideas to the comments below.

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Chris Mayhew recently attended a wedding and decided to go off-list for his gift idea. This got him thinking that it is a lot more personal to do this, but what makes a good gift? He decided to go with a lovely gift basket from Your Gift Baskets.

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