Wedding cakes that you can’t ignore

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Weddings are special occasions. Everyone loves to reminisce of the day when two people become partners for life. So it’s no wonder that everyone wants a grand, beautiful cake on their weddings. There are a few cakes that you can specially order for certain occasions, but wedding is such an occasion where you can go crazy and let your taste buds do the talking.

Now we have the facility of delivery making that we can send cakes to Delhi or even in location like Kolkata you send cakes and gifts together with gift delivery in Kolkata. To make weddings of your loved one into a special occasion you can send beautifully decorated cakes. You can practically indulge in a chocolaty affair or butterscotch sunshine on any day that ends in a ‘Y’. But did you know that certain flavors work better in certain occasions? For example, an indulgence worthy red velvet or a rich truffle or fudge cake would be perfect to conclude a wedding by ordering some love through online cake delivery in Chennai.

Black Forest: This is the most commonly loved ordered flavor of cakes. It is usually light, fluffy and spongy with a generous amount of creamy frosting to go with it. Truffles are mostly too dark for weddings, but black forest is perfect to spread some chocolate love. For wedding occasion it can be the best cake to order.

Strawberry layer cake or fresh tropical fruits cake: the vibrant colors of the tropical fruits are one of the celebrated cakes for weddings. This is exclusively for the warm season when excess of sweet is not really a very appetizing option. Strawberry has a refreshing and happiness inducing quality which is the right one for weddings. The pink frothy layers of intricate designs make it a delight for sore eyes.

Caramel butterscotch cake:  people who don’t like chocolate or strawberry can opt for this delicious flavor.This is one of the sweetest cakes you will ever find for your hubby dearest. If your husband has a sweet tooth and if Chocolate is not your rival, then this is the cake you want. The crunch of molten and solidified caramel on the soft frosting will go extremely well with the velvety sponge and the mood of the day. Butterscotch reflects warmth and cheerfulness and thus this is one of the most popular cake ideas for weddings.

Red Velvet cream cake: Red is the color of love and passion and this is the cake that steals and seals hearts. This is the perfect one to order for you wedding as it has the theme of love and passion. Another best thing about it is the decorations and designs for red velvet are among some of the most beautiful ones. This cake can be called show stopper and watch the magic spread its charm in the evening.

Wedding cakes are a part of western culture that has slowly made its way in Indian culture. This has become an inseparable part of the weddings and we are sure to make a memorable one with beautiful cakes.

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