Oil Paintings Makes the Ideal Anniversary Gift

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Anniversary is beautiful as it celebrates the crystal of love between two couples. It is certainly one event which you would rack your brains and think of a unique anniversary gift for your other cherished half.

Some common gifts for anniversary are boxes of chocolates, bouquet of flowers, expensive diamond rings and romantic dinner. As sweet as they can get, they still lack the uniqueness and personalization.

Oil paintings just make the right candidate for wedding anniversary gifts! An exquisite piece of oil portrait is one very unique way which you can shower your affection and devotion to your lifetime partner.

These oil paintings are completely hand painted from photographs making it highly personalized for the one and only love of your life.

I had mine made at Paint the Moment (www.paintthemoment.com) and my special someone just love it! They are made of the finest quality which is able to last for generations! Who can deny that they are just perfect to commemorate this every special day of your life?

So now, what are the photographs which you could turn into paintings? Here are a couple of ideas. One, you could get your wedding photographs out to relive the eventful day again. Such once in a lifetime occasion deserves a special treatment!

Next, you could consider the shots taken at your romantic honeymoon or getaway! Capture all the romance and warmth you share with your significant half in an expressive oil portrait. Certainly, it will be marveled by all!

Special events which you and your spouse have attended are great for oil paintings as well. These very special moments are unique and they hold a special significance to both your lives!

If you have kids, a family picture would be ideal as well. Moments spent with your children are always well kept in the hearts of parents. Visit a studio or get a candid photo and get them painted into lasting art pieces!

Personalized as they can be, these photo to canvas paintings are the ideal candidate to awe your special someone on your anniversary. So hesitate no more and begin flipping through your albums now!

Delight your beloved other half now at Paint The Moment – A place where beautiful and special moments are turned into timeless works of art. Hand painted with love from the finest materials, these oil paintings will create the all time memorable unique gifts for you and your sweetheart. So get yours done today!

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