Mothers Day Gift Ideas

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Whether you are looking for Mothers Day Gift Ideas for your mother, your wife, a sister, grandmother or other, it is important to make her feel that you acknowledge and appreciate her role as a mother. There are so many great Mothers Day gifts out there, but we’ll give you some of our favorites.

Our number one favorite gift for mom is a Spa Package. For many women, this is something they would never buy for themselves. For others, there are never too many spa days! Let your budget determine how extensive to make the package.

Personalize your selection by presenting it in a Spa tote, with some slippers, a candle and some lotion.

A gift certificate for a simple manicure/pedicure treatment becomes even more special by presenting it in a beautiful basket with nail polish, nail polish remover, a file or two and some foot lotion!

Next on our list of Mothers Day Gift Ideas are unique Personalized items. You can personalize almost any items these days, but some of our favorites are cell phone cases,clocks, jewelry boxes, candles and flip flops.

For the avid readers out there, one of the hottest Mothers Day gift ideas is an e-Reader. There are many brands available at varying price points.

Travel is another awesome gift idea for Mom. Again, your budget will guide you, but don’t automatically think this is too expensive. Peruse your local Park District brochure for trips being offered. Plan a day trip. Maybe there is a nearby town with a winery or an arboretum or museum. Put together an itinerary for you and the lady (or for her and her husband, etc), type it up on some nice paper and present it to her in a basket (maybe even a picnic basket that you will pack!). This is great for mother/daughter, sisters, and couples! If you can afford a bit more, look to online sources like Expedia and Priceline for deals and packages. Travel packages can even be purchased at warehouse discount stores like Sam’s Clubs.

To make those travel plans a more special and unique gift, add a special touch – have flowers in their room, arrange a carriage ride around town, arrange a tour, etc. You can make this as simple or extravagant as you wish.

A Mother’s Day gift idea that is always a huge hit is a Gift Basket. Whether you purchase one or make your own, gift baskets are something that the recipient would not buy for themselves. You can incorporate the spa idea we discussed above into a basket theme. Some of the best gift baskets for women are spa baskets, coffee lover baskets and tea lover baskets, but really anything can be put into a basket or unique container. Think about the person. What are their hobbies? What do they love to do in their free time? Are they into sports and outdoor activities? Design or find a basket that defines them.

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