Shopping for a Diamond Set- Things to Know

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A diamond is a precious stone that’s primarily used in making jewelry and decorative ornaments. The value of a diamond is determined based on several factors. Reputable jewelers and companies that mine and polish diamonds generally maintain very high standards. If you are looking to buy diamond jewelry for your partner, you should know that the potential for fraud is quite high. Unless you are experienced with precious stones and know how to spot fake and original diamonds, it’s going to be pretty difficult for you to purchase the right set. If you are interested in purchasing diamond jewelry for your partner, here are just a few important things that you should know first.

The Diamond Cut

Diamonds can be cut in several different shapes and sizes. After being mined from the earth, the diamond has a pretty crude shape. It needs to be properly polished and cut to perfection before being sent out to the stores. The cut of the diamond is one of the main factors that determines its value. Most people think that the cut of the diamond focuses more on its shape. Instead, it’s more about the proportions of the diamond. Some of the common cuts that are available today include pear, round brilliant, princess, and marquise. The cut of the diamond basically determines the amount of light that can enter the stone. A well-cut diamond will have accurate angles so that light disperses accordingly through the stone.


While diamonds are inherently transparent, there are certain coloured diamonds available, as well. Naturally, diamonds are available in all of the colours that you would find in a rainbow. You can check out in order to get a better idea about how the colour of a diamond affects its price. Obviously, the best and most valuable colour is when the diamond is utterly transparent. This allows light to pass through without any hindrances and then disperses like a rainbow through the stone. Light yellow diamonds are also available, though they are generally cheaper than transparent diamonds.


Another factor that you should know before buying diamond jewelry is the clarity of the stone. As you might know by now, diamonds that are transparent are the most expensive. However, certain blemishes and flaws on the surface of the diamond can affect the clarity of the stone as well. Many diamonds contain certain flaws or marks that are commonly known as “inclusions” within the industry. The inclusion will obviously affect the amount of light passing through the stone. Thus, the fewer the number of inclusions, the more light will be able to pass through the stone, and the better the diamond will look.


Last, but not least, you should think about the size of the diamond that you want to buy. Diamonds are weighed in terms of carats. Bigger diamonds that have a greater carat-weight are obviously more expensive. Make sure you carefully check all of these important things before you go shopping for diamonds.

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