Tips For Finding The Best Rubik Cube Gift

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Many people love to solve the Rubik’s Cube. If you have a loved one in your life obsessed with them, you probably also want to find the best gift possible for their hobby. This post will highlight some of the tips you can use to determine which Rubiks cubes would make a perfect gift.

  1. Brand

Do you know which brands are considered best? Look at well-known Rubik cubes manufacturers or online stores like Amazon. There will be a wide range of prices and quality. Do not go for brands that are not well-known.

Competition for the best Rubik cube is tough, and there are all sorts of fakes that come from dubious sources. You have to be careful about where you shop to avoid buying a low-quality puzzle that won’t last for long. 

  1. Customer Reviews

Many customers post reviews of their experience to let others know what they liked and disliked about Rubik cubes. It is always good to read these reviews to get an accurate picture before making your purchase decision.

Some websites have customer reviews that other purchasers verify. You can trust such sites because they have honest and accurate ratings.

If there isn’t any way to verify or confirm whether or not the review was written by someone who actually purchased a Rubik puzzle from that site, scroll down to check how many people have voted up for or against it. That way, you’ll gain some insight into its credibility.

  1. Number Of Puzzle Pieces

The number of puzzle pieces that a Rubik’s Cube has affects how hard it is to solve. Generally, the more puzzle pieces there are on the cube, the harder it becomes. So it’s good to determine what levels your loved one can handle before making a purchase decision. 

  1. Toy Character

Another category of Rubik cube products is those that incorporate a popular toy character. One example is the Spider-man-themed cube, which features the protagonist and his arch-nemesis Venom on opposite sides. 

The colors remain unchanged from standard cubes, but these toys come with stickers to place over each side to recreate Spidey’s costume while he battles his foe. 

  1. Condition

The condition of a Rubik cube is another thing you want to consider. If it’s poorly made, the cubes will fall apart quickly. Ensure that you handle and inspect the gift before buying to determine any cracks or other defects in the cube’s plastic pieces. The best cubes have no scratches on them.

  1. Availability

When searching for the best Rubik Cube, be sure to look for stores that have a wide variety of stock so you can find one in your preferred color or with stickers on it. 

If there are only a few options available, then you’re limited and may not get what’s perfect for someone else. But with many choices, you can find a cube that will please the person who’ll receive it.

Final Thought

It can be challenging to find the right gift for a Rubik Cube enthusiast. Fortunately, these tips can help to reduce your stress and help you purchase an excellent present.

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