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The energy efficiency of certain elements makes them a great one to be a replacement for the normal halogen lights. So, there are always newer innovations to make this idea a truth.


The wattage of the LED bulbs especially which are the GU 10 LED bulbs attr variant and also depend on the amount of energy they consume. So, the amount of power used determines the output. The LED light bulbs have the chips that are different in their efficiencies. However, the installed differing optics and also the reflectors vary the efficiency of the spotlights. An ordinary light bulb that has a power usage of about 100W produces about 1000 lumens. But the GU 10 LED bulbs use 1W to give about 50 lumens. With such beautiful lights that utilize only a few watts, these can be the best alternatives.


Choosing the brightness of a GU 10 LED bulb is totally dependent on the working surfaces that are usually affected by the optics. The ones that come with the narrow beams are much concentrated. These are the best ones that can be used for the domestic purposes and usually vary between about 30 to 36 degrees, however, certain manufacturers also recommend to go with the 50 degrees in order to get uniform distribution of the light with the GU 10 LEED bulbs. The luminous intensity is measured with the candelas. Some of the best gu10 led bulbs usually present features like:

When beam angle is 35 degrees and it has 35W power usage, it emits light of 570 candelas.

When beam angle is 35 degrees and it has 50W power usage, it emits light of 900 candelas.

These can be the brightest ideas to go with which are quite efficient of the energy, the packaging that is done with the lights are done in an extraordinary efficient manner in order to make it possible to use the dimmable versions of the GU 10 lights, suppose a room has only four 5W LEDs, the circuit loading is possible with only 20W which means that the dimmer lacks the sensitivity or the appropriate technology for the shining. So, if one does not want to face the risks of replacement, it must be carefully studied before buying one.

If one wish to have the best buy, it is advisable to click site at that will give some of the best ideas. The Orsam LED Parathom 5.3W GU10 is a great light system that comes in a pack of 10 units and is also in warm white color. The light that is emitted is about 350 lumens which is much efficient than the normal halogens. This product has hence become one of the biggest charms for the buyers.

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