What is an Electric Juicer and why are they now so trendy?

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What is known as an electric juicer utilises an electrical power source to operate it that will cut up, grind and mash fruit or vegetables in order to make a healthy juice beverage. Juice from one of these wonderful juicing machines can be a huge surprise to people who have always purchased boxed concentrated juice, due to the great intensity in flavour and freshness.

Some kinds of juicing machines are single purpose only take for example the recent popularity of wheat grass, this has led to people purchasing juicers which are designed only to produce wheat grass juice. And there are other single-purpose electric juicer that extracts only citrus juices. The vast majority of people prefer to employ a juicer which can juice a range of fruit and vegetables instead, and these are known as “multi-purpose juicers”.

Getting the Right Type

However, not all of these juicers are created equally, and they can range in price and quality. Mostly, price reflects the different kinds of available juicers and anyone out there who is looking for a top quality juice machine & kitchen appliances in Malaysia, should do the research and check out a professional machine.

These handy machines are classified by how they operate. There are three typical kinds of juicers, which are known as “centrifugal”, “masticating”, and “triturating”. Knowing how each juicing system works can help inform people’s choices on what to purchase.


  • Centrifugal juicers are normally the cheapest and feature a firm spinning metal mesh that grinds up fruit, and creates pulp. Juice made with this kind of juicer may be slightly foamy, which may be a concern to some people. These juicers also do not tend to work with particular kinds of green vegetables.


  • Masticating juicers run slower, and many people prefer this type because it produces less foamy juice. Such juicers operate by grinding the food into a pulp and are more effective at getting the juice out of foods than the centrifugal kind.


  • Finally, triturating juicers work the slowest and grind food in between two gears. These are the best multipurpose electric juicers out there, but are also usually the most expensive. Anyone who will be using their juicers often for a lot of different fruit and veggie juices, might just wish to seriously consider the twin gear, electric juicer due to them being considered superior to the other types.

There are different brands of electric juicers on the market, so before you purchase one of them, consider how you will be using your juicer. A centrifugal type may be great for making juice a couple of days a week with softer fruits, but for those who wish to make juicing part of their life, (or have already and need a new one!), it may be in your best interests to go for a top quality one.

After trying just once, you’ll know you made the right choice!

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