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There are few comments we received in search of solutions space. Floors that are sold are becoming smaller and furniture can not disappear, so you have to manage to occupy as little space as possible without sacrificing all those parts that are essential in any home.

So today I want to talk about a project that looks great. The product is still not for sale because that is necessary for someone to bet on him, but what is clear is that its creator has had a brilliant idea.

A smart solution

Nothing is disclosed as 3 in 1, a name that is earned when you consider that this is a shelf that can make lamp and rack if he tries. Nissa Kinjalina, the designer of Kazakhstan was responsible for giving life, has been able to solve three problems in a very elegant and discreet.

On the one hand we can save all those books or magazines that have no place in the height of the shelf . The unknown because there is not a single thing about the project, but the images it is clear that you can store most books sold today.

Perfect lighting for a bedroom

The lamp is right off the shelf, just as space is smaller and has the typical form of the screens that have been used throughout life. It seems that you can create a soft light, ideal for turning it on at midnight without eyes too suffer.

The last detail, which incidentally begins on the lamp simulating what would be a floor lamp is a kind of bar ends with a hook that acts as a coat rack that lets you hang an umbrella, a hanger, a purse, a sweatshirt, Gifts … Anything that does not weigh too much, because otherwise could endanger the stability of the whole at risk.

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