Expert’s Opinions on Eye Protection amid COVID-19

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It’s getting commonplace, if unnecessary, that people wear a mask whenever going out in public. Whether they visit a pharmacy, grocery store, or fashion boutique, wearing the mask is compulsory. Mask is adding a protective layer against the virus Covid-19. What about your eyes? Our health expert, Dr. Shams explains the significance of protecting eyes in his recent blog at He offered creative ways to protect the eyes without spending huge amounts. 

“Covid-19 is now at peak and governments are not moving to soften the lockdowns. People who are conscious about eye health are suffering because of no access to beauty stores, pharmacies, and ophthalmologists. In this tough time, I recommend users to order eye care products online. Users can use an Ounass Coupon Code available at to shop all these things at significantly low prices” Dr. Shams added in his blog.

Does Covid-19 Spread Through Eyes?

According to Dr. Shams, there are high chances of coronavirus spread through one’s eyes.

“Corona Virus requires an entry that is nose or mouth. As our eyes are also an opening, the virus can penetrate in the body from there. Our eyes need protection. It is necessary to think about eye protection. However, there is no need to be hyperconscious. Simple things such as sunglasses are useful for this purpose.”

Wear Sunglasses When Go Out:

Do you need surgical glasses for eye protection from Covid-19? Don’t be silly after watching the scientists wearing special laboratory or surgical glasses. They are doing different work. You can protect your eyes from the virus by wearing simple sunglasses. Buy the trendy sunglasses suitable for your face shape and skin tone at the Ounass store online. 

Buyers will require nothing except an Ounass Coupon Code. This code is necessary. Search the code at and come to the store in order to shop your favorite glasses. 

Does Your Sunglass Require Disinfection?

Like all other things, sunglasses can be a medium harboring virus. It is important to disinfect the glasses regularly. How to do this? Let’s ask Dr. Shams. He believes that users can find a plan for personal hygiene. 

“Sanitizers are available everywhere. People have hand sanitizers at home and they are applying it to skin after short intervals. This is for cleansing. Similarly, your sunglasses also require disinfection. Why? Actually, you put them on surfaces including the desks, counters, and tables. These places could be infected. You touch the glasses with hands and clean them with fabric. Your hands and fabric could also be infected. Therefore, it is suggested to clean the sunglasses and apply quality sanitizer. Surface disinfectants for the glasses are available online. Buying these surface disinfectants may be expensive. Apply Ounass Coupon Code so there will be savings on each purchase” he explained the tips. is consistently working to deliver affordable shopping opportunities. Online buyers who want to save more money should remember the coupons, deals, and other discount options. In this way, users can save money while protecting the eyes during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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