Wide Fit Shoes: Between Fads and Facts

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Many times, it can be hard to distinguish between fads and the supposed ‘facts’.

Particularly so in the world of fashion!

Even more so in female fashion where fads and trends change super quick.

In some cases, though fad and fact can intersect and give us something trendy whose benefits might cause one to think: why did not it arrive sooner?

So, why buy into the hype for wide fit shoes or extra wide shoes? Here are a few convincing reasons:

ü Twinkle Toe Comfort

Who does not like to strut around on heels? At a price though. Take them off at the end of the day and your toes are almost begging for mercy.

 Wide fit shoes provide ample space and room for your toes which prevent undue stress, weight and pressure on them. Trust on this point, your toes will thank you later.

ü Healthy Feet Wealthy Feet

The adverse effects of heels and tight compact shoes on overall foot health are well documented. For a momentary time of appearing fashionable, you are sacrificing your foot health and quality for your long life ahead.

Crooked feet, bone deformity, joint pain and other ailments will walk step by step with you. Shoes with a wide base and extra space allow the feet to be kept and used in their natural state, just a small change in your footwear preferences will save you from a lifetime of pain and doctor’s bills.

ü Hygiene

All the fashion in the world really does not have any point if those exquisite looking feet stink up the place and have people holding their breath as they walk past you or talk with you.

Surprised? Makes perfect sense!

 Tight dark compact spaces for a body part which sweats the most is just inviting all manner of bacteria, fungi and organisms to a free for all buffet. Something to consider when you take off those shoes at the end of the day and pass out from the toxic concoction cooked in your feet. Wide fit shoes will prevent this and ensure maintaining hygiene much easier.

What Next?

Wide Fit Shoes is one of the biggest companies in the UK dealing in high-quality extra wide fit shoes. Multiple options and varieties, customizable sizes, myriad brands and advice for whatever foot ailment may be present—this is your one stop shop for everything wide fit footwear-related in the United Kingdom.

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