Tips to save your chocolate box from melting during shipment

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If you are sending chocolates to a long distance where it would take days to reach it is always better to choose chocolate that would not melt very fast, even then you must be sure that it is properly packed and won’t melt.

Chocolates delivered at your doorstep are a pleasant surprise on any day. It is a good way let someone know about your affection and love. You would have planned for the day in advance to make sure that chocolates would be delivered on time. You also would have spent hours trying to figure out the best chocolate for your loved ones. After all the effort, what if your loved one has received the chocolate you sent in poor condition? All your efforts would waste and also create a negative image.

Here are some suggestions for packing chocolates for your loved ones who are miles away from you:-

  1. Chocolates must be refrigerated, keep it in your fridge for as long as possible. A good idea would be to find out the last pick up of the day of the shipping agent. Drop the box of chocolate at the last pick up time which means it will get refrigerated that much longer. You can also talk to the shipment office and inform them about the content of your shipment; they would be able to suggest the best time to drop off the package.
  2. Send chocolates as gifts during winter seasons. This would ensure that chocolates will not melt because overall the temperature level would be low. This is also a reason why chocolate hampers are a very common gifting item during Christmas and New Year. The possibility of chocolates melting would be very high if you are sending it during summer or spring season. In such weather conditions, it is better to send other gift items and not chocolate.
  3. Place order well in advance: It is always a good idea to place your order at least one or two weeks in advance from the expected delivery date. This would also give ample time to the shipment agency to deliver your gift with utmost care.
  4. Make sure the recipient will collect the gift: the Last thing you want is to have your chocolate box placed in a mail box without anyone checking it. The chocolate will melt sitting there even though you managed to keep it intact till it reached the destination. So make sure that somebody will collect the gift as early as possible.

It is also a good idea to ask for an insulated shipping package from your courier service. This way, the temperature of the chocolate box will be maintained, and it will not be melted. Good quality chocolate will melt easily at room temperature unless its winter season. There is nothing messier than trying open a melted chocolate from its wrapper and trying to eat it. A lot of this tragedy can be avoided if you are taking good precautions while packing and shipping the box of chocolates.

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