Corporate Awards: Great Ideas for Recognizing Achievements

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The concept of presenting a gift or award to someone for his or her achievements goes back hundreds of years. Employers often wish to reward their valuable employees with a token of their thanks. Corporate awards may also be presented to executives reaching a significant milestone in their careers or to valued business partners for their contributions to the success of a company. Corporate awards range in style, format, and price point, with the perfect award or gift available to suit specific needs. In this guide, we’ll present some of our favorite corporate gifting ideas, allowing you to select the right award to recognize the achievements of your employees, business partners, or leadership team.

Choosing the Right Corporate Award

Before presenting our favorite award types, it can be valuable to understand a bit about the awards themselves. Corporate awards represent a way of saying “thank you” to those special members of your company’s operations, whether that is a valued employee, an executive, or a third party who partners with your company. Because these awards are special, they tend to be more expensive than other gift options like promotional products and branded apparel. Corporate gifts are typically made of higher-end materials, such as:

  • Optically-perfect glass
  • Leaded crystal
  • Stone
  • Polished metals
  • Artistic glass

Because more extravagant materials and fabrication methods are used in the manufacture of corporate awards, their higher price points reflect something truly special: an award that the recipient will cherish throughout their careers and long after they retire.

Five Corporate Award Favorites

There is a myriad of choices when it comes to corporate awards – each designed to showcase the achievements and successes of special recipients. Here are five of our favorite award choices:

Explorer Globe Optically Perfect Award: crafted from solid optically-perfect crystal, this award features a rotating globe laser-etched with the seven continents. The award can be personalized with the recipient’s name, title, or a special message. Corporate logos may also be applied.

Sophisticant Art Glass Award: hand-crafted from clear glass by master glass artists, this award features a colorful swirl within the oblong body of the art piece. Like most awards, this beautiful trophy can be emblazoned with corporate logos, the recipient’s name, or a brief personalized message.

3D Crystal Block Large Award: made from optically-perfect crystal, this large block award is made even more stunning by the application of subsurface laser engraving technology. An image can be etched into the center of the crystal block, and the surface can then be personalized with a message, recipient’s name and title, and the achievement reached. It is a beautiful award that will be cherished for years to come.

Octoman Octagon Jade Glass Award: this gorgeous award is made by master glass artisans, who have selected jade-colored glass for extra style. The faceted octagon catches and reflects light, ensuring that this award will stand out. A matching jade glass base completes the look. This award may be customized with the recipient’s name and title, a corporate logo, or even a brief personalized message.

Trio Wave Stainless Plaque: combining several materials into one beautiful corporate award, this large plaque has room for personalization. Several options can be screen-printed onto the jade glass portion, including the recipient’s name, a corporate logo, or a message. The jade glass is suspended over a plaque background made of maple-finished solid wood and brushed stainless steel, giving the completed award a look all of its own.

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