Preparing a Summer Wardrobe

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If you’re like most girls, you probably spend hours checking out the women’s fashion page on Pinterest. You also probably think to yourself, how in the world do these people put together such perfect outfits, and where can I find them? Unless you’re going to the mall with the intent to buy something specific, like a blazer for a job interview or a new bathing suit for spring break, you end up buying a bunch of random things that don’t actually make an outfit when you put them together. Because of that, you have a ton of cute clothes, but you don’t ever wear any of them because nothing you own goes together. Veronica M, a wholesale women’s clothing company based in Los Angeles is here to solve all of your outfit coordinating problems.

Veronica M sells the most in-style up to date women’s clothing out there. This year, Veronica M is bringing back self-tie necklines, drop waist design, feather, floral, and newly designed rompers. Here’s a look at some of Veronica M’s newest arrivals.

Braided Clutch With Tassel

This clutch sells for only $48 and will go well with nearly any casual outfit. All you need on you in the summer are your sunglasses, some cash, and your ID. This clutch is the perfect size to carry under your arm at a concert, bar, trip to the mall, or a summer time lunch outing at the beach. With a button to keep your belongings safe, you can’t go wrong with this boho-styled carrier.

Sleeveless Double Ruffle Top

For just $60, this creatively cut tank top is an absolute steal. It’s keyhole neckline, double ruffle hemline, and button enclosure in the back makes it a unique twist on today’s style. It’s the perfect balance of casual and a partygoer outfit so that it can be worn with jean shorts (as pictured) or patterned pants with heels. Luckily, you can find the entire outfit on Veronica M rather than scouring the malls to make a full outfit.

Polka Dot Romper

A must have for a summer day in the city, this polka dot romper has a smocked cuff with flares, and V-shaped neckline with a snap for closure. Just like those Pinterest pictures we’re all jealous of, the model wearing this polka dot romper has her outfit all figured out. How cute are those glasses, yellow bag, and black flats. Casual but cute, you’re bound to find somewhere where you can rock this polka dot romper.

Boho Flare Leg Pants

Patterned flare pants have been in for a few summers now, but you haven’t seen these feather patterned pants anywhere else. The boot-cut leg pant style and fold-over waist is made of breathable material that is perfect for a summer night. The best part is that Veronica M even sells the perfect top to go with them.

While these 4 items are just a quick sneak peak at what Veronica M has to offer, there are tons of other incredible pieces of clothing and accessories to be found on their website. Whether you’re looking for a kimono top, an overlay Maxi Dress, or crochet beach bags, Veronica M has what you need to look your best this summer.

On their website you can find a store locator that will point you in the direction of the nearest clothing store that carries Veronica M clothing. While they do have a wholesale retail space in Los Angeles, there are stores all over the United States that carries their clothing. Mostly found in boutiques, Veronica M brings a style you won’t find within other brands. Check out the website for perfect summer outfits for any type of outing and make those Pinterest searches a reality!

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