Avoid Contact with Harmful Chemicals to Provide Necessary Care to Pearls

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Pearl is known for its purity and lustre that remains for decades if handled with care. Cultured pearls are softer compared to other gems, thus, they need extra care and precaution. The lustre on every pearl depends upon the nacre that forms layer on it while in the oyster shell. The more the layers, the more will be lustre. This also determines the size of pearl. Hence, if you have a big pearl in your pendant or solitaire ring, do remember that it was prepared with lot of care.

Have you ever wondered how your grandmother’s pearl jewelry set still has the same lustre as before? This is because older people cared a lot about their belongings, unlike today’s generation, who is not only careless, but irresponsible as well. If you want the same lustre to maintain on your pearl set, then you should also avoid certain factors. Pearls are created of calcium carbonate, thus it is imperative to keep it away from harmful chemicals that can spoil it shine.

There is a list of things that aren’t too difficult to manage –

  • Avoid chemicals
  • Restrung every year
  • Clean it regularly

Avoid chemicals

Today’s perfume, deodorant, lotion, cream and make up contain chemicals to retain its longevity. However, these chemicals can be harmful for natural items like pearls. It is always advised to apply perfume spray and make-up before wearing your pearl set. This way your body may come in contact with the chemicals, but pearls are saved.  Also avoid wearing it in sauna or bringing it near heat like broad day sunlight.

Restrung every year

Water or any liquid can weaken the strings thus, better to remove it while taking bath or swimming. Even if you don’t wear it while taking bath, still they strings should be replace every year so that they don’t break due to excess usage. The strings should be silver or nylon and there should be knot between every pear. This way even if you string breaks from one part, not all pearls will scatter.

Clean it regularly

Some females have acidic body which mean when they sweat the acid comes in contact with chemicals like perfume and makeup which further damages your pearls. Hence after wearing it, wipe it with damp cloth. Remember that the cloth should be soft so that there aren’t scratches on it. Instead of storing them in air tight bags or plastic, keep them wrapped in cotton or a velvet box. Velvet or cotton absorbs moisture to keep it dry.

Once in year when you take it to jewellery store to get strands replaced it, ensure that they also clean your pearls. They have special oil or chemical that helps in maintaining lustre. Not much care is needed to maintain your jewellery. However, avoid keeping them with other metals that might get tangled to it and scratch the set.

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