Bongs made of glass are stylish, advantageous and cost-effective

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For those who love to smoke, a bong is an essential item. Today, you can find various types of bongs. The materials they are made from vary, the size differ and even the shape to somewhat extent. Yet, all kinds have three constituents, which are a tube, a water chamber and a down stem. The bottom part of a bong is the water chamber which contains water. This is an important part of a bong as it not only filters the smoke but also cools it so that the smoker does not feel the heat of the smoke and also does not inhale hard particles, thus making it easy for their throat and lungs. Then there is a long vertical tube attached to it through which the smoke passes and enters the mouthpiece from where the smoker inhales the smoke. Tubes of bong is usually straight ones but you will also find it which has intricate chambers that help double or triple filter the smoke. Also such designs give a creative look to a bong. The down stem is the diagonal stem of the bong which projects from the tube. The bottom part lies in the water chamber while the topmost part of the down stem forms into a receptacle of sorts.

A Bong is preferred today as they are portable and do not come with long and heavy pipes. The most common materials used for making it are glass, wood, ceramic, plastic and acrylic. Of these, bongs made of glass are very popular. Also, these days you get it made of sturdy glass and that is nearly unbreakable.

Easy tips for cleaning a glass bong

You really don’t need expensive cleaners to keep your glass bong clean. With the help of some household items such as table salt, water, and rubbing alcohol, you can clean the bong yourself. Also, get Q-tips, either made from plastic or paper.

Run hot water into the bong as it will remove any residue left on the sides or the inside. Add 3-4 spoonful of table salt in the bong. Then pour rubbing alcohol, half a cup or a full cup. Then shake the bong well so that the mixture of salt and alcohol reaches all sides and corners. Let it remain thus for a few minutes. Then again let hot water into the bong and rinse it well. If you think any residue is still left in any corners, use the Q-tips and clean well.

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