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When it comes to the trickiest things in the fashion world, teaming up prints together scores really high! But with so many different kinds of fabrics, prints and patterns in the market, it is not difficult as it looks. To mix-and-match Prints, may no longer be considered as a rocket science. You just need to follow some easy tricks, trust your gut and take the plunge. Here’s a list of Ways to Mix and Match Prints, master these and you will be a pro at matching patterns together.

1. Start Small

If you are a beginner, just go easy. Start the process, by choosing some smaller and softer prints. You may want to team up the neutral prints with some bright and colorful prints. or, with the bolder prints, opt for a second which is more delicate and soft. Also, a handy tip for all the budding fashionistas, when in doubt remember, polka dots and stripes would never let you down.

2. Turn it Upside Down

If you want to use the very same prints you may want to invert the colors that you are wearing. Let’s say if you are wearing a black skirt with white stripes, wear it with a white blouse with black stripes! you are surely going to nail the look. Inverted color schemes are considered the best way to wear
matching prints.

3. Size Matters

You may want to choose and mix prints that are different in scale. This would surely make sure that they look together. The same print in varying sizes is a great way to team them up. Don’t hold back and be bold enough to play with size! Smaller prints when combined with bolder ones, also give a fresh look that screams ‘Style’.

4. Nothing like Neutrals

If you aren’t ready to go all-in with the trials, stick to the neutrals. They are classics and won’t let you down. You can safely pair a bright color printed shirt with a skirt or pants with a more neutral print. This would give a vibe to your outfit. Thanks to the wearability, stripes are also treated as neutrals, and they go with everything. Try pairing loud and colorful prints with their minimal counterparts. You may want to team them up with animal prints.

5. Learn theColor Wheel

Top Indian Fashion Designers believe that mixing prints successfully is the ultimate accomplishment. So if you wish to attain the same, let’s get back to revising our color wheel, which we probably learned in school! Carefully observe the color wheel and pick a hue, that’s going to be your main print’s shade, the neighboringcolors can be the other print.

6. Just Match the Color

When your prints don’t match, make sure that the color does. You don’t want to go out giving the feeling that you got dressed in the dark. Pick two different kinds of prints that share the same color tone. If the colors match, the prints will match as well, and if the colors look good together, so will the prints. Take your attire to the next level, pick clashing patterns based on the same color scheme

7. Make Use of Solids

If you are still unsure of the mix-and-match, or if you think that the print-on-print is getting a little too much, just layer it with some solid-colored clothes or accessories to ground your look a little. A denim or a plain jacket, or maybe a scarf might help you calm things down.

8. Double it Up

You can easily and safely double up the prints. The exact same print in varying colors is super trendy. Pick the colors that are complementary to each other. They may be in contrast or may be from the same color family. Simply double up the multicolored smaller with the plain colored larger print.

9. Try it Out

Its time to put your new knowledge to the test, and give yourself a makeover. Try on a new look and see if you are on the right track. Put your instincts into practice, and don’t be afraid to mix-and-match patterns at will. Break the rules like, ‘stripes and florals never work’. You need to know a fashion secret, some of the best combinations have actually happened by accident.

Innovation and creativity will take you a long way when it comes to trying something new. No doubt it is safe to stick to classics, but then what’s the fun if you don’t experiment! Keep up the mix-and-match stroll, because it’s one trend that’s here to stay. Keep practicing and you are going to emerge as the Print Pro!!

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