Caring for Flowers Bouquets– A Guide to Making them Last Long

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Flowers may be beautiful but they are also fragile and delicate. Without the appropriate care, they are likely to wither away, losing the vibrancy and the colorfulness of their petals, and their fragrance. Hence special care is given to them all the time. Whether they are placed in a flower vase, or they are being transported to someone for delivery, many precautions are taken at all times to keep them safe.

Situations where flowers are most vulnerable

Right from the moment where they are separated from their flowering plants, they are vulnerable.  Cause of this, extra special care in handling them must be provided at all times. In addition, here are some other situations where flowers are also vulnerable –

  • Transporting them to their buyers
  • Removing them from their flowering plant
  • Placing them as wall decorations

How can you better care for flower bouquets ?

As mentioned before, flowers are as delicate as they are beautiful. This is why special care must always be taken to ensure that the beauty of flowers remain untarnished for an extended period of time. Here are some ways to ensure that always is the case –

  • Keeping flowers in different arrangements – They say unity is strength. This notion also applies to flowers. When together and packaged in something like a flower bouquet, not only are they more beautiful, but also they are protected from a variety of environmental wear and tear, ensuring the beauty of the flowers remain untarnished, and their beauty is kept alive for a particular period of time.
  • Placing flowers in vases – Vases are often beautifully patterned in various designs, making them stunning to look at. But they also ensure that the flowers placed in them are well protected from environmental damage and you can also keep a little water in the vase to keep them fresh for long, even sprinkling some water on them can help them stay fresh for long.
  • Sprinkle some water timely – Flowers require a constant supply of water to sustain themselves for long. This is why it is recommended that one should sprinkle some water at them at least thrice in a day to preserve them for long.

Preserving them

Flowers may have a short lifespan, but there are many substances and chemicals that ensure they remain for a long time. Here are some of them and details on how to make it work –

  • Soda – You can pour about ¼ of a cup of soda in a vase of flowers to make sure that they blossom for a long time
  • Hair spray – A can of hair spray is said to work wonders for a flower, as it does for your hair. Simply spray the flowers with it and watch the magic happen.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Apple Cider Vinegar is a remarkably strong anti-bacterial and is said to remove various harmful bacterial microorganisms. This is extremely helpful for flower ensuring their longevity and sustenance.
  • Vodka – Just like apple cider vinegar, vodka helps in disinfecting flowers and extending their longevity subsequently.
  • Aspirin – Putting a crushed aspirin tablet in the water helps in maintaining their freshness and fragrance.
  • Sugar and white vinegar – Dissolving sugar in the water, along with white vinegar, ensure that flowers receive the adequate nutrition they need to flourish and bloom.
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