Choosing a Keyboard Cover: What You Need to Know

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Because keyboards get worn down and dirty, not to mention spilled upon, they need protection. Therefore, buying a cover for your keyboard is the ideal solution to keeping it protected. The cover should be just thin enough to maintain the keys’ responsiveness, while protecting them from dust, dirt, and unavoidable assault from beverages.

Why You Need a Keyboard Cover

Unfortunately, almost every keyboard that you come across leaves enough of a gap between the keys to capture dust and crumbs as well as coffee, cola, or soda. The best you can do, if you do not cover the keyboard, is to apply compressed air along with a jiggle to dislodge any debris. If you are not able to clean the keyboard adequately, then some of the keys may eventually be rendered useless. As a result, you will need to take the keyboard into a computer store or try to perform surgery on it yourself.

Magnets for Bacteria

Therefore, a keyboard cover should be one of those high-priority items on the accessory list for your computer. The accessory itself can be easily removed and washed in the sink, which is far simpler than cleaning the keys themselves. When you consider that some studies suggest that keyboards are great magnets for bacteria, you need to make sure you have a backup cover on hand.

If you ever try to sell your computer at a later date, a protector, such as a Final Cut keyboard cover, will make the transaction easier. Keeping the keyboard clean heightens the value of the computer. The choice of cover is important then, as some keyboard covers are too thin and therefore wear out too soon. Other covers are a bit too thick, which makes typing a more arduous task.

Hands-on Testing

The ideal cover should be made of a silicone or urethane material. Whilst measuring a cover in millimetres is not the best way to analyse the cover selections, you cannot go wrong by ordering some covers online and conducting some hands-on testing yourself.

First off, the cover must not detract from the use of the keyboard. In other words, the typing surface should not be too slick or sticky. The protector should also not interfere with the springiness of the keys. Whilst there is no way that a cover will not affect the feel of a keyboard, it should not impact your typing ability to any measurable degree.

Choose a Durable Cover

As noted, the durability of a cover is important. Whilst it is possible to buy a cheaper cover and skimp on any kind of durability, it is not advised. It is better to spend more money to buy a longer-lasting cover – one that feels good and makes typing a pleasant activity. This is the type of item you should purchase and use repeatedly. If you are somewhat tough on keyboards, then you need to select a cover that will last for awhile.

Whilst some keyboard covers boast antimicrobial properties, it also does not hurt to wash the cover regularly either. You have options. Just make sure you spend your money on a protector that adheres well to your keyboard and enhances its use.

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