DIY Solutions for That Office Renovation

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Every business is looking for ways to save money, and when the time comes for office renovation, going down the DIY route will save you a fortune. This is much easier with online solutions, and suppliers of the very best office furniture and equipment are at your beck and call. Lower that retail prices allows you to splurge out on a few extra office chairs, and most suppliers would offer a free delivery service, if your business is located in the UK.

Make a Plan

Of course, it depends on the size of your operation, but assuming you have less than a dozen staff, the renovation could be completed over a long weekend, or the other solution is to ask your staff to muck in and help, and close down for a few days. One way or the other, you need to work out exactly what you are going to do and who is doing what, and being a good organiser, you would start by looking at the desired outcome, and from there, you can work out what you need in terms of materials and manpower. If your offices are in the UK, talk to Andrews Office Furniture, a nationwide company that offers quality products at affordable prices, and with their expertise, you can be sure to select the right furniture for that new look office.

The Decorating

Once all the furniture is either removed or well covered up, you can begin with the ceiling, and a white emulsion is the preferred coating, as it gives good light reflection, and a darkened office is not the desired outcome. There is an awful lot of wall space in the average office, and wall murals are an inexpensive way to break up the expanse and add a touch of glitz at the same time. These can be sourced online, and with a wide range of styles and designs, from the Iconic Statue of Liberty to subtle abstracts that bring just the right amount of colour into the environment.

Open Plan Environments

More and more companies are turning to open plan office design, mainly because it actually promotes productivity, and your online supplier of office furniture would stock a wide range of screening solutions, with modular systems that allow for mix and match. One can achieve the right balance between openness and seclusion with clever use of screens, and if you are short on ideas, an online image search will reveal just what can be done with office screening. The more your staff communicate, the clearer the picture becomes for everyone, and with constant dialogue, your office team will surely raise their game.

Second Hand Furniture

If your budget is really tight, the online office furniture supplier would have a range of second hand items, which might be worth browsing before you look at new products. Many companies sell their old furniture to the supplier and therefore, there are always items that are in very good condition, at very affordable prices.

The Internet is the platform to arrange for everything you need, and with the money you save, you can have a staff party to celebrate the renovation.

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