The Developmental Benefits of Play

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There are many benefits and advantages children can enjoy when they are given the chance to play with toys. Not only will it be fun and an outlet for their energy, but it will also help support early development and the education of the child. Toys are a great way to encourage learning for your child. They will not even realize how much they are learning in the process of playing until the information is already there. Therefore, it is in the best interests of your child to offer them multiple toys that include cause and effect actions, such as pressing a button to get music. Other toys might include different textures, items to be fitted into specifically shaped holes, and toys that stimulate colour distinction. In short, give your child variety to ensure they get the most out of their toys.

Children Love Play

From the moment your beautiful child was born, he or she began exploring their world through touch and taste. Playing with them is likely what earned you their first true smile, and it gives them the confidence to begin gentle exploration of the world around them as they grow stronger. Giving your child access to toys is excellent for them from the start, and you can save money when you buy cheap baby toys wholesale from Little Smiles at By choosing wholesale, you can ensure you fill your child’s life with plenty of excellent developmental tools without emptying your wallet in the process.

Cause and Effect

Certain toys supply interesting effects when acted upon, such as playing attractive music when a button is pressed or a lever is pulled. By allowing your child access to such toys, they begin to learn that their actions cause reactions, and they can begin to associate cause with effect. For example, you may offer your child a toy that imitates the simplest forms of a car, with a button that honks a horn and a lever that mimics the sound of a car starting. If your child likes that sound and wants to hear more, they must perform the action that awards it.

Great for Group Play

The right toys can be played with by two or more children at a time. By offering them a variety of options and introducing other children their age, you can help to develop the social and emotional structure a child needs to become a functioning adult. Through group play, they learn how to share, what it means to lose, and even how to handle taking turns. It is in their best interest to introduce this type of play whenever you feel they are ready for it. The more you do for your child now, the less they may need to rely on you as they grow into adults.


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