Construct the Most Amazing Commercial Bathroom

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Are you in the construction business? Perhaps you’re working on a big, new retail space, and you have started to think about the best possible way to outfit the bathroom. If so, then make sure you keep reading, because this article is for you.

The Importance of Bathrooms in Commercial Spaces

Everyone knows that a venue is judged based on just how classy its bathroom is. If you fail to outfit your bathroom properly – say you install old toilets that don’t flush properly and hand-driers that take forever to actually dry your patrons’ hands – then you’ll be the talk of the town, but for all of the wrong reasons.

If, instead, you carefully plan and decorate your commercial bathrooms, then people will comment on how well thought out your space is, how elegant and triumphant its design. You don’t have to go all out – but if you do, think pearlescent white tiles, ceramic trays to hold accessories, and luxurious soaps to finish things off – you just have to make sure that the space is airy, smells decent, and is continually functional.

The Importance of Commercial Hand-Dryers

It’s absolutely crucial to your endeavour that you choose to invest in the correct commercial hand dryer. While the construction of each commercial bathroom is different and throws up new challenges, there are a few things that remain the same and make the selection of this aspect of the bathroom particularly important.

First, it’s important that you select the right hand-dryer, because if you do, you’ll save yourself a lot of mess and ensure that the commercial bathroom you’ve designed remains elegant at all times. Why? Well, for obvious reasons. If you install a commercial hand-dryer that doesn’t work, then your guests will find themselves unable to dry their hands properly, and will inevitably drip water all over the floor.

This, obviously, presents a health and safety hazard – if you don’t want a lawsuit on your hands, you’ll have to make sure that there are paper towels constantly available in the bathroom for patrons/guests to use. Paper towels, beyond being environmentally friendly, are liable to cause quite the mess. People might drop them on the floor or the bins might overflow with them, if your cleaning staff doesn’t keep up.

Secondly, not only will this result in you investing more in cleaning services – think twice-daily instead of once-daily cleans – it will also result in people commenting that the bathroom in your commercial space is messy, filthy, or even disgusting, and could potentially turn away customers.

So, as you can see, it’s highly important that you install the right commercial hand-dryer in your commercial space. If you fail to do so, you’ll wind up with additional cleaning fees and a bathroom that draws negative attention to itself, and your business, as a result of lack of cleanliness. If you succeed in doing so, however – and thanks to amazing online options this is easier than ever – you will ensure a terrific bathroom experience for each and every single one of your patrons.

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