Create a Custom Bobblehead as a Unique Birthday Gift

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Picking a birthday gift can be something that racks one’s wits about. On one hand, there is a multitude of goods out there. On the other, few of them can be called perfect birthday gifts.

Everyone who loves things unique will be delighted to receive gifts that are made specifically for them with their own unique traits. In this sense, a custom bobblehead fully deserves the honor of a suitable birthday gift.

While browsing the Internet you’ll find a wide array of personalized bobbleheads to select from. It helps to actually stop for one second and think about what the person likes doing. What do they enjoy most? What sports do they like? What are their most memorable moments? A good gift should be something that suits one’s taste and recalls the sweetest memories.

Does the person love sports? Sculpt his/her favorite football playerat the Super Bowl would definitely crack a smile on the person’s face. A bobblehead doll of the person spinning a basketball would be fun if you’ve got a photo of the person in this pose. You can find other models including person playing baseball, hockey, soccer, golf, etc. Come and find your pitch!

If your friend is a music king/queen, you are in the right direction. There’s a large collection of bobbleheads in music-related occastions, such as person playing the guitar, the drum and the piano. You can also create a bobblehead with a person doing moonwalk or singing. A fan of Adele or Beyoncé? Celebrate his/her idol’s winning the Grammy’swith a singer-holding-trophy model!

If you’re picking gifts for kids, forget the cliché of toys or books. Give them something that marks their personality instead! A massive collection of models is available for anyone who’s ready for a big surprise, ranging from superman boy, ironman boy, girl in a dressto kids with pets and kids playing sports.

Want to memorize the moment together? Create a couple/familybobblehead! No birthday gift is more precious than spending time with the person, and bobblehead dolls let you freeze and reserve that moment forever.

Not satisfied with the above and want something absolutely unique? Choose to customize a bobblehead from head to toe! Use all your imagination and create a gift that’s 100% unique would be a huge fun.

Don’t think of customizing bobblehead dolls as complicated. Bobblehead makers have made everything as easy as a few clicks for you. The most important thing to do is to select the right photo that highlights the person’spersonality. Just upload the photo and the bobblehead dollwill be sculpted upon that. You’ll soon get a proof of what the doll will look like. Take a look and make as many revisions as you like. Send the proof back and you’re done!

Apart from being unique and fun, a bobblehead birthday gift enjoys good quality and is very enduring. It can be placed anywhere, and doesn’t need any extra care like those fragile glass-made gifts.

A bobblehead gift would definitely make one rejoice as the little doll reminds him/her of the special moment when the photo was taken. It also shows how much you understand the person, and the attention you’re willing to pay to celebrate his/her birthday. Don’t hesitate and order a gift now!

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