Strategy War Games- How to Improve Your Intellect

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There has been a lot of debate about board games and video games as of late. Board games have been around for centuries. In fact, the first instance of a strategy board game was devised by pilgrims who once travelled on the Grand Silk Road across the subcontinent. The Buddhist pilgrims needed a game in order to pass the time, and as a result, they came up with a small game that involved kings, queens, and rooks. There are conflicting stories about the origins of what became known as chess later on. However, there’s one fact that everybody can agree on; the game was founded in the land of Persia, where it was known as “shatranj.”

However, those days are long gone. Even though chess can be defined as the ultimate war strategy game, there are plenty of other board games that have since become popular. The rise of different franchises, such as Warhammer 40k and Star Wars, has led to a dramatic increase in the number of strategy war games available. In fact, you don’t even need to be sitting face-to-face in order to play most games nowadays; you can simply play with other people online.

Thanks to the power of the Web, you can easily sign up on different sites in order to play online strategy war games. You can play with your friends or with random competitors from all over the globe. Unlike action games, such as first person shooters or third person action/adventure games, strategy games are quite different. First of all, you can’t just go “guns blazing” into any situation.

Like in chess, every move must be heavily considered in advance, and you need to think carefully about how you are going to proceed. Even if you make a single mistake in the game, your opponent is going to punish you and capitalise on your fault immediately. Therefore, you need to be a lot more thoughtful before you make a move when playing a fantasy war game. Here are some advantages of playing these games.

Improves Intellect

One of the biggest reasons as to why teachers expose children to chess and other strategy-based games from such an early age is because it helps improve their intellect dramatically. You might be surprised to know that people who play strategy games have a higher intellect as compared to others. That’s because they are able to think critically and link a succession of moves in their head before even lifting a finger. This is one of the main reasons as to why such people tend to be more intelligent.

Lots of Fun

If you are looking for endless hours of fun, there’s really no better option than to start playing some strategy based games. Obviously, these games are long and can take several hours. Therefore, make sure that you complete all your duties and chores before you get started. Most games tend to get quite engrossing, and you will find time slipping away very quickly! It’s an excellent way to pass the time and to challenge your brain!


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