Why Use Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer

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Everyone loves to look beautiful. Now a day so many products are available that we do not even know that they exist and how to use them. Such a product newly available in market is eye shadow eye primer. As you know, primer is something that is applied before paint to give a proper finish.Similarly, we use face primer to give proper and even finish. In the same way, we use eye shadow primer. We will also discuss about urban decay eyeshadow primer.

What is Eye Primer?

Eye shadow primer is applied on the eyelids to make other cosmetics like shadows and eyeliner go smoother and last for long duration. It can be liquid based or cream-based. It gives grip to the eye shadow and makeup. This double tape sort of thing makes it last longer and ensures that it sticks to the lids and does not go astray. It also helps to enhance makeup hues and make them look brighter.

How it works?

Primer creates base for eyelids. It absorbs excess oil. It gives an even surface to work on. Without primer, shadows gets that “creased” effect due to greasy eyelids, or can cause uneven application. Sometimes without primer, shadow pigment disappears within hours.

How to apply an eye primer?

  • First apply your daily creams or moisturizers
  • Squeeze a minuscule bit of primer onto your eye shadow brush or your fingertips.
  • Apply a thin layer. It is absorbed into the skin quickly. It makes the skin smooth and ready for shadow.
  • Do rapid, gentle tapping motions. This will blend primer into skin. Start with your lash line and gently move towards the brows.
  • If you want to put eyeliner, then apply primer below the bottom lashes also.
  • The formula will be dried and absorbed in a minute.

Why use urban decay eyeshadow primer

You would be wondering why to use urban decay eyeshadow primer. Urban decay gives an eye shadow primer that gives you a perfect eye makeup. Why you should use an Urban decay primer? The reasons are many. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • It is the number-one primer.
  • It is indestructible all-day eye shadow.
  • No creasing.
  • More vibrant colour.
  • Smoother application.
  • This potion devours space-age polymer technology.
  • It fills in all sorts of imperfections on the skin’s surface.
  • It prepares your lids for All-day shadow.
  • It is paraben-free.
  • Many finishes are available.

Caffeine (looks like rich warm brown matte) works for deeper skin tones and brown shadows. Freebase (looks like opaque white matte) can make any shadow bright and intense.

Sin (pale nude shimmer)

  • Gorgeous packaging with jewel-like cap.
  • Precise and controlled application.

Potion can be takendirectly from tube or assembled wand applicator. Either way you will get a small required amount.

  • Urban Decay is 100% cruelty-free. If you are anxious that you are looking beautiful on the stake of someone’s life, then no need to worry. Urban Decay values lives of all living creatures, be it human or animal. We take care that no one is harmed in the manufacturing of the products.

Hey ladies, apply eye shadow primer and shadow, make your eyes look glamorous and wait and watch, everyone’s eye will be on you.

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