Dos and Don’ts of Dressing in summer – How to Wear Casual Clothes

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In summer dressing needs a little thought. In this season, there is a lot of flesh on display, so it needs a little thinking. Look your best with these dos and don’ts summer wear tips.


  • White T-shirts are comfortable in summer, but change your view of wearing a white bra underneath. Use a nude bra to make it invisible because you have a tan. In addition, choose padded cups to avoid awkward nipple outlines and smooth cups prevent lacy silhouettes.
  • In summer, trousers and skirts get short and tight. Therefore, if you wear the new summer dress purchased from VIPme e-store than you have 2 underwear options.
  1. G-string ensures you remain visible panty line free. However, select one size bigger to feel comfortable
  2. Try short style briefs or tummy control panels, which hold you at right places as well as gives the dress smooth silhouette
  • Unflattering T-shirts make you look sloppy, so opt for fitted looks. You can get classy look wearing black and white Tees with jeans.
  • With sleeveless T-shirt or slinky camisole avoid wearing old strapped bra because it can ruin the effect. Search for vest tops that include built-in bra or wear best lingerie sets.
  • Your feet free from stockings and tights may look beautiful in strapped sandals blisters from sun are not good. Acclimatize your skin with surgical spirit day and night as well as move around the house in stocking free sandals for a couple of weeks, before going out.


  • In summer, your toes and feet need to be groomed well. Use dark colored nail paints to make toes look short, to highlight a tan use pale frosted colors and try glittery nail polish to catch light. Get pedicure every ten minutes in a week.
  • Your arms and leg skin needs to be maintained well. Therefore in case, you have marks and bruises on legs then avoid wearing short skirt. Moisturizing bare legs will make a lot of difference.
  • Short shorts rarely compliment any figure, but hovering over the knee is appropriate flattering length. Try slight loose fit than you ordinarily wear. Avoid wearing shorts to office, even if they look tailored.

Casual wear for women over 40 years

Dressing casually is fun, but needs to be conducted in a stylish manner. It does not mean you have to look sloppy or too young, after 40 years. Just look through the VIPme casual dresses displayed online to choose a stylish wear.

  • Avoid plain boring plain T-shirt, which displays unflattering lumps and bumps. Select a nice print or a draping element or a special design, which will make you look gorgeous.
  • Printed pants or jeans with button down shirt and dressy shows can be a good casual wearing.
  • Make short dresses look casual with leggings.
  • Skirts too can be worn casually with sweaters and loose tops.
  • Long dress creates a polished appearance worn with flat sandals.

Make sure you exercise creativity with your summer dressing.

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