Some of the Hottest Yet Most Underrated Baby Toys Out There

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There are few things which bring everyone together like the hope and promise symbolised by new life and the innocence of childhood. Oh, for the days when you could wake up at noon, and your biggest problems included whether or not your favourite cartoon show was on, or if your parents had prepared your favourite snack or not!

The access we have, and chances we get, as children can impact who we are and what we become for years to follow, and thus have a profound impact upon our life. We all want what’s best for our children, and that includes toys. Of course, as any trip to the toy store, or trek across online outlets will tell you, there’s a seemingly infinite number of different child’s toys out there, each with their own values. That said, there are some children’s toys which, while fun and enriching, still somehow go underappreciated. Here’s a quick look at a few underrated toys (available at which can give your child the help to start they need and deserve—all while making playtime that much more fun.

Arts and Crafts

If you’re looking to give a child a gift to stimulate their imagination, you simply can’t go wrong with arts and crafts. Some of the oldest and simplest toys out there are also the best, and that includes the many paints, crayons, and other art supplies, which can allow your child to become the next finger-painting Picasso. That said, there are many art stations, special colours and triangle-shaped crayons, child-sized easels, and other art accessories which too often go overlooked. Introduce your child to art early, and often, with impeccable art supplies.

Puzzles and Games

In the same way arts and crafts can help stimulate a child’s sense of creativity and imagination, puzzles and games can help them develop their critical thinking faculties. The road to a first-class university, and corner office, mightn’t exactly start with a farm or Eiffel Tower-inspired jigsaw puzzle, but it’s still a great way for parents to give their children something fun and intellectually stimulating. What’s more, helping your child with puzzles and interactive games can be a great opportunity for parent/toddler bonding—to say nothing of a nice break from children’s TV, or running around the house after them.

Bath Toys

Ah, bath time. It can be hard to get your child to take a bath sometimes. That’s part of why bath toys are, and always have been, an ingenious invention—giving children something to do and enjoy while allowing parents the opportunity to get them to take a bath properly. What’s more, from that relatively simple premise, you would be surprised how many variations you can find out there. From the classic rubber ducks and fish-inspired toys to boats and even floatable birdies, there’s all manner of colourful bath time fun to be had with new and engaging bath toys, and you can buy baby toys wholesale from Little Smiles today.

Enhance your child’s promise, and the fun of playtime all at once, with great new engaging child’s toys today.

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