Why You Should Buy Nikes For Your Street Fashion

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Nike, who doesn’t know about a sports brand called Nike? Its the number one footwear company in the world that has a list of A-list athletes in its rosters like Lebron James, Paul Rodriguez, Eric Koston, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant, Adriana Leon, Brianna Rollins, Eliud Kipchoge, Neymar Jr.,  and many more. They specialize in sportswear products and is identified with their ever-popular swoosh logo.

It has produced and owned a few popular sports brand like Jordan, Hurley and Converse. It’s also a witness to many histories in sports and in movies. From Michael Jordan’s popular flu game to Forrest Gump’s popular unlimited marathon of self discovery. If you talk about the sneaker culture, some people would make it synonymous with Nike footwear like from their classics to their newer ones. So why does sneaker culture love the swoosh?

Nike has a ton of classics that people love: The brand has a lot of classic shoes that work well with streetwear like the Air Jordan 1, Nike Jordan 3, Nike Jordan 4, Nike Jordan XI, Nike air force 1, Nike blazer, Nike Cortez, air max 1, air max 97, air max 95, air max 90, Nike Huarache, Nike dunk SB just to even say a few. All of these shoes are very popular with streetwear and sneaker culture that it would be a sin not to have one. If you want to be respected for your sneaker game, at least have one of the mentioned above and guaranteed you will get some love.

Nike is a trendsetter: If you compare their shoes versus other shoes, you will realize that shoes with swoosh are the best looking ones in the market. From the color schemes, collaborations and the design of the shoes themselves, its a guaranteed trend setter. Even if Nike’s classics are mostly made in the 90’s its still in style, that is how Nike’s are. Even if you don’t have any fashion sense, if you wear even an Air Jordan 1 everyday, wear it with a worn out jeans and plain clothes, you’re good to go!

Nike air more than just shoes: Nike has evolved itself to be more than just footwear, it has hoodies, shirts, shorts, socks, pants, bags and many more. Anything about sports they have it. You can never go wrong with an athlete swag if you wear Nikes products because it just looks really good, from the fabrics, accessories, skateboarding, basketball, they will have something that you will like and with their wide array of products, that is even an understatement.

Nike is the number 1 sportswear in the world and has everything that you would want from shoes, textiles and accessories. They are also the trendsetter when it comes to style and ask anyone you know, surely they have a Nike story of their own. Even if Puma is a sports-driven brand, it can’t be denied that their sneakers look good in streetwear as well. If you need some good swoosh kicks and apparel, head on to West Brothers and cop a pair.

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