How To Combine Prom Dresses By Jovani Depending On The Occasion

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The riskiest dare to add a handkerchief to their hair when they wear a black dress. You can also choose to use tiaras or brochures. A large and modern style watch gives a sporty touch. For a prom or homecoming event, combine the dress with a delicate scarf. A pashmina can cover your neck and shoulders in case it’s cold.

If you wear a sweater, you will get a relaxed look, if possible give this piece a touch of the outfit. Dressing in layers will protect you from the severity of the weather. One of the complements for a black dress that is fantastic is a pair of sunglasses. Adopt the traditional black style or with white hoops.

If you want to create a more significant impact, choose the colors of black or silver rings. The traditional wide-brimmed hat will give you a classic style.

The fundamental point is to select the dress according to the shape of your body. Search the dress that suits you well that to mark all the sensual points of your body, be sure to enhance your curves and hide the weak spots you do not like with the most perfect black prom dresses by Jovani.

What you should avoid

– Avoid dark brown, navy blue or white.

– Also do not opt ​​for the quilted or hair coats, no feathers in the hair, or Gilda gloves.

– Large bags are forbidden for parties; they reduce the impact of the dress just like traditional shawls. The idea is to show it, not to cover it.

– Another mistake is to wear black opaque stockings; you will become very serious and sober attire. Try new combinations

Ideal makeup for prom dresses

Makeup influences the harmony of the image; you have to follow specific guidelines so that the look fits perfectly. The smoke eyes or smoky eyes technique is suitable for the night, and it is the delineation of deep eyes with shadow blur and mascara. The rest of the makeup should be neutral since the idea is to highlight the eyes. Use gloss or lip gloss.

Another alternative is the application of golden tones to give more light in the eyes, also the line on the eyes. If the tone of the lips is red, it will focus attention on the mouth, and therefore the makeup of the eyes will have to be subtle. The final touch is the blush; it is advisable for soft tones such as pink. Place the same color of the lips on the nails to complement.

Combining prom dresses with winter themed parties

Resembling Christmas, black prom dresses are looked for to be combined with skins or coats. Another alternative is the knitted jackets with gold thread. Blazers fitted with metallic details are an option.

As for the accessories black also gets along well with gold, long necklaces, ring, tendrils, etc. If you do not have accessories of that color, pearls are the solution, with necklaces of various sizes.

The perfect handbag is the one that has sequins, crystals or gold details. The goal is to have brightness and highlight. High heels are indispensable.

You can combine it with transparent garments to not show so much skin, but do not be afraid to wear deep necklines.

As far as the hairstyle is concerned, wearing it loose or a little-tousled balance will give the perfect touch to boost the dress. If the event is very formal, the ones that you will see on our list of prom dresses are perfect. Meanwhile, for the New Year’s Eve theme, the best is a black dress with simple lines because you can combine it with delightful accessories to obtain a sophisticated style.

For that night of celebration wear a classic dress with an extended intermediate will be a success. You can put the color note on the jewels or use colored beads, but without exaggerating. It can also be combined with violet, blue or green; these tonalities are good with the color black because of the stiletto shoe combination.

Have you already been using these ideas to combine a black dress? If you want to see more about our black prom dresses, feel free to visit our website at Jovani.

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