Where to find wedding rings for women in Cape Coral

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Picking out the perfect wedding ring for the special lady in your life can be a hard task or even finding the right band after you’ve already selected an engagement ring. There are numerous things to consider when choosing the ring band, including what will complement her style, if it complements her engagement ring and finding the right jeweler.

Narrowing Down Your Options

First, narrow down what styles you want. Do you want to use the same metal as the engagement ring? What kind of stones, if any, do you like? What quality and clarity? Once you narrow down a few options that you like, you can go into the search with the right knowledge base.

One good option to consider for wedding rings for women in Cape Coral is also buying the band and engagement ring together. Of course, this won’t work if you’re trying to surprise someone with an engagement ring, but it works if you’re wanting the two rings to complement, match or work together. There are also some beautiful rings that fit together.

Break the Mold

Although matching and complimentary sets are important to some couples, it’s also okay to mix things up. This is certainly true for a modern bride with contemporary style as well. Just because an engagement ring is platinum it doesn’t mean that your wedding band can’t be white gold. Also, mixing gemstones can also be fun to make a set truly unique.

Set A Budget

Before setting foot in a store, come up with a budget and price range that you’re comfortable with. Bands and rings come in a variety of prices, depending on your needs. According to the knot, a14-karat gold band can start at roughly $330 while a platinum band can cost around $1,000, depending on the store you choose.

Where To Shop

Now that you have a style and budget in mind, it’s time to search stores to find the perfect ring for the perfect person that’s come into your life! There are a number of great stores to find wedding rings for women in Cape Coral.

Some of the top rated and the most unique places to show for rings include:

Travis Jewelers.Find a custom designed ring and on-trend pieces at Travis Jewelers. The store is a family-owned, multi-generational business and offers great service.

Zak’s Jewelry.Zak’s has been known for their creative take on jewelry for more than a quarter of a century. They create a number of custom designed pieces regularly, but also carry many designer lines as well.

Sunshine Jewelers.You can browse online before coming into Sunshine, which is located in the heart of Cape Coral. They offer a number of really unique titanium rings as well. They offer the “Bride Star” Bridal collection in the store.

Bradley’s Jewlers.Owned by husband and wife team Colby and Brandi, this jewelry store offers custom designs as well as pre-selected and made pieces. They offer a number of bridal designers, including Benchmark and ANCORA designs.

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