6 Things Only Indian Brothers And Sisters Would Understand

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Brothers and sisters are the best friends for life and they share some of the cutest memories of each other. From the time they started bonding with each other, they hardly knew that they would grow up one day and still remain best friends of each other. Because the childhood fights were really like the end of the world. Remembering all those times, gear up for online rakhi shopping and send rakhi gifts to your sister who has sent you the prettiest rakhi.

Here is a list of certain things which only Indian brothers and sisters would understand.

  1. You were taken out from dust bin or you are not the real children of parents, you are adopted. This joke used to be very serious in childhood and every elder brother and sister have tortured their younger siblings with this dialogue. As a younger sibling, you must have cried numerous times.
  1. Mom and dad love me more – you must have said these words to your siblings. No matter you are elder or younger, you always love to say these words to the other part because of the cute little insecurity that plays in a child’s head. Once grown up, you know parents love both of you endlessly.
  1. “Does dad know that you bunked your tuition?” – this question was very much obvious from an elder sister to a brother. She would then end up lecturing a lot that how she grew up and never missed tuition and if dad comes to know this fact, he would kill you. Sounds funny huh!
  1. Most of the times you opened the refrigerator, you had to scream “Where is my chocolate?” And all the pairs of eyes in your home turned magically to you as you were younger to your sister. The secret of stealing or not stealing your sister’s chocolates is still a secret. May be you confronted later or maybe you found that it was your cousin or next door neighbor who stole those chocolates.
  1. Signing the report card of each other was the best con you people managed to do. This way you have escaped so many red marks in your report card. But now sometimes you must be feeling that those red marks in report cards were far better than the marketing analysis red curve.
  1. Every evening there used to be a world war 3 for the TV remote. And seriously till today when your brother is not around, you don’t feel the thrill of watching TV.

Don’t just get soaked in those lovely childhood thoughts, do online rakhi shopping a bit and spread that magical smile on your brothers and sisters face.

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