Buy Intelligent things to furnish Your Kitchen

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Space, space, space … Who has not ever had problems with space? Not only do I mean the typical problem of keeping things that accumulate and do not know where to put. I mean more early risers and essential issues, such as placing the furniture and appliances in a kitchen.

Decor If is small, you have to find a very careful distribution that allows you to take advantage of each and every one of its square millimeters. If the fridge, if the microwave, if the hob … need much space to have a full kitchen and you astringents to avoid placing the microwave above the fridge which can be a bit uncomfortable.

Major Appliances

The refrigerators usually measure 60 to 70 inches deep, with a height normally between 170 and 190 centimeters. The size will vary depending on the model and type of refrigerator as there are with built-freezer, with two doors, close, etc.

The oven also has a special place in every kitchen that boasts. Where if you had not thought to make pizzas that can save you a Sunday night? Here again we encounter a variety of models, but usually you have to have about 60 inches high, 60 inches wide and 58 inches deep. Those would be standard dimensions.

We continue with the dishwasher. It is not essential, but it has earned a place in the hearts of many couples who have stopped fighting for clean dishes, glasses and pots. They usually go from the floor to the height of the counter, with heights between 45 and 65 inches. In addition, there are also small tabletop dishwasher, ideal for homes where few dirty dishes and silverware.Decor


The sink is another immovable part. In every kitchen there is a sink, and in short we ran the same model. There are a variety and this is where you can save space. Usually 50 inches deep and almost always integrated into the worktop height. The width is a function of your needs, but if you have a kitchen with limited space I recommend you earn every inch you can. You will have more trouble doing the same with appliances like the oven or dishwasher.

Check imagination!

All storage solutions that come to mind are welcome. Think those are the major appliances, which are always in sight. However, there are also other small appliances that all we usually have at home. I speak of the toaster, the sandwich maker, coffee maker, electric irons … And the pans and pots too!

It is clear that need space. That forces you to think about integrating some elements such as the microwave. Take your old holes you have on hand and leaves space for recycling bins. Ideally you buy the typical tube that allows you to split the waste from plastic, cardboard, glass and organic waste. You’ll save space, but with a 4 in 1’ll have to visit more frequently containers.

Displays distribution

Finally, I recommend drawing the distribution of kitchen paper to get an idea of how it will look. You can entrust the job to a professional, but you can also do it yourself. In addition, there are very useful program to display the location of every furniture and appliances that form part of the kitchen.

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